100 Burpee Challenge at 281 Lbs in 20 Minutes

I’ve been on a burpee kick for a few months now. Having started with only five burpees on day one, I’ve come a long way. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I did 105 burpees one night. I wasn’t able to record it since it was a spontaneous thing, but this time around I set out to record myself pumping out 100 burpees. I weigh 281 lbs, so this isn’t easy. Don’t try this at home folks. Seriously. You could get some kind of heart attack. Obese individuals like myself should be very careful when performing such strenuous exercise. Don’t worry about me, I’m a freak when it comes to these things so I’m safe…

Leading up to doing the burpees was gut wrenching. I knew the feeling of cranking out 100 burpees and let me tell you, IT SUCKS! Takes me back to one day in high school when our football coach had us running plays with out a water break for hours. Our lungs and lips were burning from the exhaustion. I wanted to test myself doing the burpees in the afternoon, since my night workouts are usually easier. The moment comes and I’m all nervous about it. I set up the GymBoss for 20 minutes and got right to it.

I had to break the video down into 3 parts. Enjoy…

100 Burpee Challenge Part 1

100 Burpee Challenge Part 2

100 Burpee Challenge Part 3

I counted and only got 98…dammit! I know I had more in me. I should have just kept going. Next time I will!!!

Since my last burpee bad form video I’ve tried to improve my form. It’s hard controlling your body when you are as big as I am, but I’ll get there. As I continue to lose fat/weight I will be able to better control my body. Doing as much burpees as I did takes some mental toughness because your mind and body are telling you to stop. After about 12 burpees I was considering stopping. Thinking about doing just 10 more burpees was scary…but I got through it. Control of your mind and body are crucial.

I do burpees differently than what I’ve seen folks do. I try to do them like Steve Maxwell demonstrated. He says that the squat portions should be full squats. No matter how you do them, burpees will give you a great workout in a short amount of time. I’ve noticed that the burn in my legs has gone away. Now my muscles burn all over while doing burpees. That I can guarantee.

Comment away, give feedback, and share your burpee videos!!

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  1. Well done, I sure I’d feel like chucking after that many burpies, and I weigh a whole lot less than you! In fact, my worry on doing that many burpies would be losing muscle.

    Be that as it may, I think I’ll have to have a go at that 100 burpie challenge some time!

    • Thanks Elliot. If you do this all day everyday then yes you will lose muscle, but doing this every so often will only make you stronger. Burpees are an amazing exercise.

      • MarkNo Gravatar says:

        Can you elaborate on the loosing muscle comment?

        I am on a mission to get to ~70 burpees and then do them for time. Currently at 48 burpees in a row, and I am increasing them by one daily. I found a trainers site that said get to 100 and do them for time, but honestly I don’t think I will get to 100 a day, due to time, (both excersise and cooldown time!).

        I am 245, 5′-10″, and my goal is to get to sub 200’s, or ideally to 170’s, but small goals at first.

        Keeep at it!

  2. ShaneNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome dude…

  3. yancyNo Gravatar says:

    im trying to learn how to do burpies but i cant see the video can u explain it to me our e-mail me a video

    • Yancy! Dimelo! I’ll send you an email with info. But here it is too:

      1. Start out by standing still.
      2. Then squat down
      3. Kick back your legs and throw your hands in front of you achieving a push up position.
      4. Perform a push up (knees on the ground is fine if you can’t do a regular one).
      5. Then kick your legs back up returning to the original squatted position, like a little froggy.
      6. Explode up into a jump with your hands into the air.

      Now do this in one fluid motion as fast as possible. Keep your tempo up.

  4. FreddyNo Gravatar says:

    I just left a comment on Muta’s page, I tried doing 100 burpees after watch his work out video and could only push out 25. I’m going to make it my personal goal to get to 100 burpees by the end of the summer.

    • 100 burpees is no joke man. Seriously. I was questioning my existence as I did them. Good luck and let me know how it turns out! Maybe you can do 3 or 4 sets of 15 to 20 burpees. Then once every 2 week syou go for 75 or 100 non stop. That’s what I did.

  5. Mr. MeltdownNo Gravatar says:

    Israel man am I impressed dude! I know just doing a few Burpees is hard but then you blow them out like that? You’re the man bro!

    • Derek, thanks!!! I’ve come a long way, but still have even further to go! I realized that it’s one step at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one hour at a time. It all adds up and before you know it, 5 months have passed by and you’ve managed to lose weight, build muscle, and train your mind to be in control!

  6. DaveNo Gravatar says:

    Hey man, nice job! Gotta start somewhere and these babies will get you into fighting shape in no time. Stick with it!

  7. AviNo Gravatar says:

    That’s the challenge! I’m just an average Joe but what you did just made me think if i can even reach 20 or 30. I’m the type of person whose always on the computer screen and exercise seems have become a thing of the past which, i suppose is something i need to revive to keep myself in good shape.

  8. Ok Israel, I honestly just finished trying these after watching the vids. I got to 33 my legs are dead…dead (the knee held up).

    100 – 98 or whatever is very impressive and you’ve got 75 lbs on me!

    I’m motivated to beat that now. 33 isn’t too bad for a burpee virgin though 🙂

    P.S Cut that grass son! you’ll burn about 200 calories for every 30 minutes…ha ha 🙂


    • Thanks for the props. I couldn’t do anywhere near 33 my first time around, so you are definitely going to hit the 100 mark in no time.

      Yeah, yeah. The grass is long. lol. I’m headed to Sears to pick up a mower this weekend. Now you and my wife can stop nagging me!!!

  9. Scary VideosNo Gravatar says:

    Dude! You’re an inspiration! I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna take the 100 burpee challenge! I got a few pounds on you, but you’ve inspired me! Video to follow!

  10. MicahNo Gravatar says:

    Nice work. I think I will take the challenge too. I’ll see how many I can do tonight. I’ve been trying to motivate myself for several weeks to get back in shape. Let’s do this!

  11. Rex HarrisNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, I’m going to have to add the burpee to my routine. Looks like a great exercise… I’ll take all I can get. I’ll take your challenge, do a video, and see how many I can do. Thanks!

  12. healthNo Gravatar says:

    That I know for sure. I love them.

  13. Guncel BlogNo Gravatar says:

    Hey man, nice job! Gotta start somewhere and these babies will get you into fighting shape in no time. Stick with it!

  14. BennyNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats on doing so many! I started doing burpees about 3 months ago and though they kick my butt everytime, I feel it’s one of the best overall exercises out there.

    I haven’t tried to do a 100 in a row since I usually do them for 30 secs at a time in a circuit with other exercises, but I’d like to test myself one day to see if I can! It’d be a good goal to try.

  15. Keeop it up Israel! its very hard work doing the Burpee’s eh!

  16. ZaneNo Gravatar says:

    Gotta great job guy.

  17. CoopNo Gravatar says:

    You are a better man than me. I dread burpees, and to see that you were on a burpee kick, wow.
    Keep at it,

  18. Awesome! Congratulations! I got tired watching you. I do the Hindu squats and you do a lot more than I do. I’ll have to try your version for more cardio.


  20. Wai BahaiNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with your opinion about the mind and body control is very important penting.Yang of doing things should be warming and regular practice and focus.

  21. jonathanNo Gravatar says:

    wow! i just watched your video. I think im going to try that tomorrow. I doubt i will get through it though. I think i could probably do about 20 or 30 then fall over!!

    how often do you do it? once a week? once a month ?

  22. Matt SFNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent work man! And you’re right, when I first added burpees into my workout, I thought about high school football… wind sprints to be specific.

    I like to do a descending set starting at 10 burpees, rest 60 seconds, 9 burpees, rest 60 seconds, 8, rest 60, and so on.

    The cool thing is that it’s a forced cool down at the end so you’re ready to move on to other things.

  23. Craig74No Gravatar says:

    Man that’s a little hard to watch. Inspirational yes, but still hard to watch. Burpees are tough at any weight but I can only imagine how hard they must be for you. It’s all about progression though. Try adding a jump at the top or reduce your time.

  24. Nice job with those!! Man those things kill you, I consider myself to be pretty fit but I have never tried to do that many, I know how just 20 feel! Keep up the good work.

  25. Almond BestNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome! Quite a challenging workout. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Israel, you are an animal! I’m 6′, 200 lbs. just did 10 and i’m already huffing and puffing. Keep it up my man… you’ll shed the rest of that weight in no time!

  27. VinceNo Gravatar says:

    nice work man, burpees are a bitch

  28. IanNo Gravatar says:


    I just ran into your site, looks like you are crushing it!

    Burpees are rough. Then I imagine trying to do them with an extra 80 lbs on me.

    Respect to you, my friend.

    I remember feeling pretty cocky after I cranked out 50 burpees in a row, pretty fast. Then I discovered that a 50 something year old woman had SMOKED my time!

    Now I see that a 280 pound dude is cranking out 100, no problem.

    Right on!

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  29. JeromeNo Gravatar says:

    Your INSANE! : ) WTG!! Talk about a warrior!

  30. Thanks David, Wait until you see me with less weight on doing my burpees.

  31. MattNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, that would absolutely kill me! How long did you have to train until you could do 100?

  32. FadhliNo Gravatar says:

    Haha.. Your such an inpirations. I got to challenge u on this man.. I’ll start training tonight..

  33. TimothyNo Gravatar says:

    Oh man, this rings a few distressing bells…
    “Takes me back to one day in high school when our football coach had us running plays with out a water break for hours.”
    And you say…
    “Obese individuals like myself should be very careful when performing such strenuous exercise.”
    But, you do have a base in some form of exercise.
    You know what it is to push past the pain barrier.
    Still, you’re crazy.

  34. Dennis BlairNo Gravatar says:

    Wow. That’s insane. Good job!

  35. alNo Gravatar says:

    first of all good job to all those who are taking on this journey to better yourself and your health. i found that burpees are an incredible workout. I currently do them 3x a week. I started by doing 4 sets of 25 till i gradually removed sets and now reached the 100 mark. i have now switched things up a bit to continue to push myself. what i do now is run at 6mph and 6 incline for 15 min (on a treadmill). I then stop and do 20 burpees. I do 4 sets of these, i have to say i had to find every inch in my will-power to keep myself going. But this is an explosive exercise that will turn yourself into a calorie burning machine and will give you a complete body work out. the other days i do weight training with focusing on two body parts on each day.

  36. MMNo Gravatar says:

    As a man of 146 lbs (a scrawny, deceivingly fit 5’10” man), I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. I started doing burpees yesterday as an interesting way to work out and get my cardio up, and they kicked me square in the ass. I did 10x9x8x7x6x5 with minor rests in between and felt like jello in between sets… and I’m hurting today.

    I don’t think 100 is happening for me.

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