5 Kick-Ass Workouts That Can Be Done In Under 8 Minutes

Time is of the essence. A cliche for sure, but oh so true. Not having the time to workout is one of the most common excuses people use to let their fitness levels deteriorate. The five workouts that follow will not only crank your metabolism into a fat burning furnace, but they can also be done in 8 minutes or less. Some of them much less.

1. Tabata Sprints – Find a track or a long straight road. Run as fast as you can for 20 seconds. And I mean HAUL ASS! Walk for 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times. You might want to arrange for a ride home from this one. I’m serious. If you do this with maximum effort you should be seeing stars and begging for mercy. Total time: 4 minutes.

2. Burpee – Push Up Opposing Ladders: Do 9 burpees, then do 1 push up. Do 8 burpees, then do 2 push ups. Do 7 burpees, then do 3 push ups. You get the picture. Continue until you complete burpees 9 through 1 and push ups 1 through 9. Do not underestimate this one. It’s a BITCH! Total time: 5 – 8 minutes depending on fitness level. Reduce the number of repetitions as needed according to your current state of fitness.

3. Deadlift – Box Jump: Load a bar with 60% of your current 1 rep max on the deadlift. Deadlift for 10 repetitions, then immediately hit a 20 inch plyo box for 20 box jumps. Repeat the cycle three times. Total time 4 – 8 minutes. Your legs will love you for this one.


4. Squat – Pull Up: Load a bar with 60% of your current 1 rep max on the back squat. Squat for 10 repetitions, then immediately hit the pull up bar for maximum repetitions. Kip your ass off on the pull ups if you want. Repeat for 3 – 5 sets with little or no rest between sets depending on fitness level and time available. Total time 5 – 8 minutes.

5. Power Clean and Press – Load the bar with a weight you can use for about 12 repetitions until muscle failure. Perform as many reps as possible in 8 minutes. Rest as needed but work as hard as you can for the 8 minutes. Record your number of repetitions and try to increase the reps in 3 – 5 weeks.

Don’t have enough time to work out? Lame. You can get a great workout in during the time it takes to watch the commercials for your favorite reality TV show. Kick the “no time” excuse to the curb and get started today with one of the 5 kick-ass fat burning workouts that can be done in under 8 minutes.

Train Hard!

Editor’s note: This is a guest article by Vic from Gym Junkies. Gym Junkies is a hard core, intense method of training. They provide videos, iPod workouts, and great articles.

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  1. Andrew RNo Gravatar says:

    Picture this… 7 minute… abs! Hahaha, just a little joke from THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY! But you’re absolutely right. These are a great list of workouts and they really don’t have to take that long at all. More and more of the fitness advice that I’ve been researching has pointed towards less and less time in the gym, which will make a lot of people happy!

    Thanks for the post!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  2. Quick workouts that are effective, how can you beat that? You can’t, Just pick one and go.

  3. Deadlift’s are my favorite, personally. I love them!

  4. Hi,

    Will it work if i do any one of them?


  5. PaunchinessNo Gravatar says:

    That looks like a good workout.

    If you minimize the rest time between them and do them as a circuit you can scorch pounds.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Yes, what a simple idea of fitness! It is very easy to follow the enumerated tips with no fees. Let me also bring it in habit. Good post for fitness.

  7. Mel TNo Gravatar says:

    Great post! This is the number one excuse people have for not exercising: TIME! But, as you point out, it’s all about choosing the activities that fit into your schedule, not the other way around.

  8. Great post. just what i was looking for. I wanna get in shape again but i just can’t seem to squeeze in the workout time.


    Derek Word Links

  9. Abdul MuqeetNo Gravatar says:

    me too lazy to even do anything like this … :S

  10. Acai MaxxNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, thanks for these awesome tips, they are absolutely new for me. Squats look promising! Thanks for sharing

  11. those work outs will work on your for a long time, I mean it can really help but it will be a slow progress, adding a lot of efforts and determination to become slim will surely help, start working hard for your self, and also take the right foods and drugs.

  12. RogerNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting post! Burpee can also be one method of kick-ass workouts.

  13. Would have been better if you had posted few pictures since it would helped us to understand the exercises as it is not quite easy for non-native speakers to understand what burpee means. Heading off to wikipedia for now.

  14. Blog ExpertNo Gravatar says:

    Those are some hard workouts. This is definitely a workout for anyone even if you are trying to just get in shape. I might have to try this myself and I will get back to you on how it goes.

  15. Man, you guys have some intense workouts! There are so many great, motivational places on the web so thanks for adding yours to the mix! Success breeds success, right?

  16. I just started the clean & press

    Needless to say, It KILLED me 🙂

    Now thats an exercise that you KNOW works. I love it and have been implementing it into my workout ever since last week.

    Great read!

  17. energy shotNo Gravatar says:

    never heard of the 1st two, but im willing to give them a try. i guess ill take your word for it and have my friend drive over with me.

  18. Ben PeiNo Gravatar says:

    Dead lift owns! Gives you big thighs..

  19. FreddyNo Gravatar says:

    I tride the sprints last night….WOW!! Never knew you could get in such a great work out so quickly.

  20. rebeccaNo Gravatar says:

    Great advice…I like to do pushpress x 5 reps as heavy as I can go and then straight into 10 burpees. The whole sequence is repeated 5 times. This one will burn your shoulders LOL!!

  21. AcaiNo Gravatar says:

    I always workout during commercials and when nothing is on tv. Just goes to show there is always time!

  22. efusionNo Gravatar says:

    Talk about intensity. These types of workouts will really get your heart rate going.

  23. vijayNo Gravatar says:

    I love doing burpee. Nice to know about other workouts.

  24. ResveratrolNo Gravatar says:

    It is very easy to follow the enumerated tips with no fees. Let me also bring it in habit. Good post for fitness.It is very easy to follow the enumerated tips with no fees. Let me also bring it in habit. Good post for fitness.

  25. you can do planks during commercial breaks, or a set of push ups.

  26. vijyNo Gravatar says:

    Nice to know about these workouts.

  27. Love the 8 minute clip- I think the sprints will be my

  28. AmegaNo Gravatar says:

    Now I think that can fit into my day!

  29. Burpees are so tough! but they’re benefits are underestimated!

  30. TannerNo Gravatar says:

    Tabata and dead lifts are two of my favorite exercises. Thanks for the information.

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