A Quick 20 Minute Memorial Day Workout

Don’t Succumb to the Memorial Day Binge
Memorial Day is right around the corner. With that comes the beer, hot dogs, juices, and the burgers. Some people might have already started the partying on Friday and extended it into a weekend party/food fest. I can envision the BBQ’s blazing and the meat sizzling. It’s a tasty meat lovers heaven.

Stop being a fat slob for a second and consider this: Why not just eat one piece of meat or make it a couple pieces of grilled chicken. Eat some of the salad with no dressing. That would be a better choice and it won’t get you started on a major Memorial Day binge fest. I know myself, and if I were to just take a small bite of some delicious BBQ meat, I would convince myself that overeating just for one day would be fine. All it takes is one beer. One piece of BBQ pork. One rib…

In reality I can’t afford to do that to myself. Not now at least.

So I’ll stick to my one piece of meat and salad. I’ll opt for water, passing on the empty calories that are beer and juices. And I’ll do a quick body weight workout to start the day off on the right foot.

20 Minute Memorial Day Workout
This should not take you more than 20 minutes to complete. Even you don’t complete it you should stop at 20 minutes so that you can train yourself to keep these types of workouts to a short period of time while maximizing the intensity. Do everything below one after the other with 20 seconds rest in between each new movement. No weights are needed aside from your own bodyweight.


This is going to burn, so get yourself ready for some pain. If you can’t perform some of the exercises feel free to modify them. The key is to keep moving. If at all you start feeling pain please stop. Warm up with 30 jumping jacks before you begin.

1. 10 Burpees
Start out by standing still. Then squat down and simultaneously kick back your legs and throw your hands in front of you achieving a push up position. Perform a push up. Then kick your legs back up returning to the original squatted position, like a little froggy, and explode up into a jump with your hands into the air. Now do this in one fluid motion as fast as possible. Keep your tempo going.

2. 40 Mountain Climbers
Start off in a push up position and alternate kicking your legs up to your chest. One rep per leg, so that’s 20 each.

3. 15 Push Ups
Try to keep strict form. You can choose wide stance, close stance, one arm push ups, whatever.

4. 10 40 yard Sprints
The keyword here is sprint. Go fast! Balls out during each one. Rest 10 seconds between each sprint.

5. Rest for a minute and do it all over one more time.

This workout will be easy for some and hard for others. The whole point is to get off your butt and continuously move. This will get you sweating, panting, and burning that fat all in 20 minutes.

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  1. Scott WellsNo Gravatar says:

    This is a blog that I can relate to…lol

  2. MandyNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah…it’s too late for me…I was weak…and for this, I am sorry 🙁 lol

  3. JeanNo Gravatar says:

    Push ups are indeed a good exercise. Love doing them in different ways. Performing push ups regularly build sheer strength and develops muscles like the pecs, triceps, shoulders. A good body weight exercise that you can do anywhere. Thanks for sharing.

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