A Tip is Just a Tip, but a Before and After is My Life

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Katie, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

Katie Lost Weight

This was only 6 weeks, I wasn’t messing around.

They say that “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” This statement couldn’t be truer in this instance. It is safe to say that I have had some bad judgment. It was not on a grand level of bank robbery or grand theft auto, unless you count the video games. My mistakes were in diet and training. My mistakes were in the approach and understanding of my fat loss. I have since learned a thing or two and I wanted to share my mistakes and lessons learned with the world, in hopes to help others make their own mistakes, but end up victorious.

A few years ago I was average; average body, average hair, average defeats, and average achievements. I didn’t envision much for my future that was special or spectacular. I had hopes for certain dreams, but in the end I knew in my heart they were just that, hopes. This is usually where a person will dive into their “change moment” and to be truthful I didn’t have one of those. No, what I had was an “inspirational moment.”

I was friends with Leigh Peele. If not aware, Leigh Peele is an author and a trainer who specializes in fat loss and metabolism problems. I had seen the changes she had made in her life and I had seen the changes she had made in others lives, and I was jealous. I was jealous of their passion and their drive and I wanted a piece of that for myself. I wanted to be somebody like that to people, I wanted to do something with my life that was more than just “getting by” so I asked her for help and started getting educated about things. Okay and maybe I lost some fat along the way.


Beyond just fat loss, beyond desire of a better personal appearance, I became a personal trainer and started helping others. Helping others achieve their dreams is downright addictive because it helps you as well. I have my days where I struggle too and it is their stories that help me stay inspired to keep going. People always forget that the answer is in the story; you just have to know how to see it. It is not like I knew then when I started I was going to be another before and after, but now that I am I want to help you become one.

Tip #1: Write Your “Before”
A story is always better on paper. You need to write down everything that you have done, everything that has worked, hasn’t worked, and you hope know will work. Write down your dreams, your fears, your victories, and most importantly your plan.

Tip# 2: Log Your “During”
You can’t know how to fix something if you don’t know what you are doing could be wrong. This journey is a big deal so treat it as such by logging your calories, sleep, emotions, and training sessions. This will help you to see patterns where you could be having problems that are hindering your success, and when you are getting it right you can see yourself shine! It is best to always try to learn why.

Tip# 3: Prepare for After
Since you will be done with this journey and are going to be an “after” you are going to have to get ready for this. Buy goal outfits, set up trips and vacations to places you didn’t used to feel at ease going because of your body or health. Prepare for the life you always wanted because now it is your time to grab it!

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  1. shopNo Gravatar says:

    Hi. I will add this site to my favorite list because of it’s great articles.
    can you publish or refer about this subject more ?

  2. onesmartcookieNo Gravatar says:

    Katie, you look amazing! You now look like your own kid sister and girl, you rock those shorts and bra top. WOW!~

  3. That picture afters looks cute

  4. Weight LossNo Gravatar says:

    Weight loss industry will focus on the way people should feel while doing it, in order to achieve better results and stay healthy all the time. Being healthy and thin is not a dream, it should be something, that is a reasonable and easy to be done.

  5. NolanNo Gravatar says:

    It is important to track your progress. It helps you prevent getting discouraged.

    Nice Article

  6. AngelaNo Gravatar says:

    This is an excellent post. Most people don’t realize that having a healthy lifestyle and weight require a certain lifestyle. Motivation, commitment and vision are definite requirements for any type of positive change.

  7. Fat LoserNo Gravatar says:

    I like the post, very inspiring for people to understand their story as to where they are, what will happen adn where they can get to. You look amazing, keep up the good work.


  8. myNo Gravatar says:

    A great change had very good success

  9. BayrakNo Gravatar says:

    Katie, you look amazing! You now look like your own kid sister and girl, you rock those shorts and bra top. WOW!~

  10. pepperNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t believe your results after only 6 weeks! Amazing! Congrats on your success.

  11. An inspiring story, the two ‘side by side pics’ look like two different people. I have been struggling to get the weight off, well its not exactly the weight rather the lack of fitness. After taking up a IT job my fitness has suffered enormously. I have to say you look great and am envious of your job. You have motivated me that much more to get off my ass and lean up and get fitter, thanks heaps!

  12. JoncravefitNo Gravatar says:

    Great muscle tone, how do you feel. I hope you post this because you know that you have transformed. Truly an inspiration to everyone pushing for something they may quit, until they see your photos. Kick ass, Don’t quit. Your changin lives katie

  13. JoncravefitNo Gravatar says:

    Nice figure for sure, how do you feel. I hope you post this because you know that you have transformed. Truly an inspiration to everyone pushing for something they may quit, until they see your photos. Kick ass, Don’t quit. Your changin lives katie

  14. everyone pushing for something they may quit

  15. ShawnNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, she does look great after all that hardwork! She looks good with her hair straight, too! lol

  16. wow! she looks great! weldone on the fab results!

  17. ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
    Was that then, or just now?

  18. This is a very good result for 6 weeks

  19. TomGreenwaldNo Gravatar says:


    Motivation is the key to success.

    Keep it up 😉

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