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treadmill reviewsIn the market for a new treadmill?

Before you jump in to buying a new machine, take a minute and do your research. There are many different models on the market, and finding the right treadmill to meet your needs is important if you want to continue using it after you make your purchase.

A resourceful website in buying the right piece of equipment for you is Treadmill Reviews. The site offers a user-friendly layout with over 30 brand name makes to chose from. Whether you are seeking information on a certain brand, model or fitness program, the site will provide you with the information you need to make the best purchase. If you would rather make a quick selection rather than doing research, the site also has an “Our Top 10 Treadmills” and an “Our Top 5 Best Buy Picks” where you can easily find a treadmill that will meet your needs.


If you are newly interested in purchasing a treadmill and know nothing about how these machines function and what you can expect when you buy one, consult the site’s “Treadmill Buyers’ Guide” to brush up on your knowledge. The guide offers information on parts such as the motor and tread belt and lets you know what to look for as far as incline, track cushioning and even extras such as built in MP3 players and TV’s.

Each time you select a certain treadmill to take a closer look at you are presented with both the advantages and disadvantages of the selected piece of equipment. The verdict and the rating at the body of the page can be helpful if you only want a quick look at what each treadmill has to offer.

Another handy feature of the site is the blog, which offers visitors personal insight on owning and using a treadmill. With information on the history of the treadmill, how to build a treadmill desk, and yes, of course, the “Lazy Cat Treadmill” video, the blog will inform you and entertain you at the same time.

To check out the site and make a selection on your next treadmill, visit

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