Analysis of Israel: week one.

Analysis of Israel: week one.

An unbiased third party opinion.

First Impressions:
Israel has incredible upper body strength.
Example 1: Even out of shape without touching a weight for over 120 days Israel can perform seated behind the neck military presses with 135lbs with ease for twelve repetitions. He proceeds with this weight and rep count for 4 sets. It’s apparent pressing 165lbs for 6 to 8 rep sets would be a cake walk for him. Curious if a 225lbs 1 to 2 rep max is within his reach already still within week one.

Example 2: Bench press strength is just as impressive. Performing 10 to 12 reps with 225lbs is routine. Israel uses this weight for up to 4 sets. 315lbs max bench is a good estimation.

Israel’s Strength:
Israel’s ultimate strength stems from his extraordinary stamina. Remember this is a man that weighs 340 plus pounds who can push through 20 sets of strenuous movements with significant poundage. All this while keeping the strictest form. He is a fanatic about form which has most likely contributed to his well honed innate muscular control and subsequent strength. It unusual to find a 340 pounder that can out last me, but in the case of Israel there is living proof. A running background that expanded his lung capacity and possibly a large powerful heart are major reasons that Israel can last to the point where others might feel the effects of over exertion.


Israel’s weakness:
Israel holds a large portion of his weight in his thighs and rear. To burn off weight on one’s legs every muscle head worth a dime knows that you have to really fry those legs. Israel needs to step up the intensity and volume on the resistance training portion of his lower body. His running regimen is without a doubt on target but complimenting that with a more challenging weight lifting plan for his legs will take things to the next level. Here’s what a revamped leg workout might look like:

4 sets squat 8-12 reps 185lbs
2 sets squat 6 reps 225lbs
1 set squat 2-3 reps 265lbs
4 sets leg extensions 12-16 reps 150lbs
2 sets hang cleans 8-12 reps 145lbs
2 sets calf raises 16-24 reps 145lbs
2 sets lying leg curl 12 reps 110lbs

Final Impressions:
Israel will indeed reach his goal. Not only because of his sheer stamina but of his indefaitigueable will and focus. These are his true strengths. Although it never hurts to be naturally strong and have the lungs of a diver. Israel will lose weight and I can confidently say that a final weight of 225lbs is attainable.

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