Cut the B.S. and Get Fit!

Many people ask me “What’s a good workout routine?” and it’s hard to explain a lot of times, since everyone’s body types vary so much. What works for one, may not or will not work well for someone else, but what I’ve found through training myself and others, is best summarized in the next few pages.

There’s too much to explain in one sitting or a casual conversation, I may get a little technical but I will try to explain things as best as I can. What a good workout really is, though, is a complete lifestyle change.

If your goal is to lose fat, you’ll want to keep as much muscle mass as you can (if you’re male or female) because muscle is the best metabolism booster there is! This isn’t the 2 hour workout you can do for a week and you fit well into a new swimsuit … this is, a lifestyle change. This is getting rid of fast food, salads – please, lose the dressing, or go low-cal dressing (and not half the bottle), no more 4 hours of sleep and 10 pots of coffee loaded with sugar and creamer, and this change needs to last.

Want to pack on some muscle to bring out a 6 pack and some bigger arms? Start 6 months before you think you should start worrying about your summer body. Stop the weekly drinking, kiddo. Need to change your life too! Eat as much as you can, as cleanly as possible, 8-9 times a day! Fit 8-9 600 calorie meals a day, bust arse in the gym, and hit the treadmill in the morning to get some “endurance” (your girlfriend will thank you too!)


So, I said eat clean … and I don’t mean wash your plates before you eat. Cut the fat, your toast doesn’t need butter, sugar, and peanut butter, with an extra layer of jam! You don’t need to eat a big bowl of ice cream for your “casein protein” before bed. Get real, this is just a lie to yourself to make yourself feel better about that “12-grain whole wheat” toast your just ate. Beer, furthermore, does not count towards your daily carb intake.

What’s the big deal in morning cardio? Well, I talk about it a lot and the premise of it is this … first thing in the morning, your body is in a catabolic/anabolic state and your liver is completely drained of glucose (simple sugar, broken down carbs). Well, if you get some protein in you to help combat breaking down muscle during the workout for energy, your body will start to break down fat instead for energy – the whole point of walking/jogging/biking, whatever! The average gym bunny, though, gets tired after 15 minutes or so and says “Whoo! I’ma push myself” and goes to 20 minutes and calls it a day, showers, and goes home. The body, however, only started to break down fat in order to get energy. This is why I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes (if it’s higher intensity cardio), or 45 minutes to an hour if it’s low impact / low intensity (walk brisk pace, use incline, or a stationary bike).

Well, enough ranting. I’m pissed today and wanted to unleash.

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My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously. This site is my final attempt to get back into shape. So far I've lost 70.4 lbs. Check out my weight loss chart, weight loss videos and progress pics. Follow my journey, those of others, and read our thoughts on various health topics. Share your thoughts, experience, and journey here on FMU.

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  1. Michael KwanNo Gravatar says:

    Well said, Israel. I need to get off my arse at some point. My goal isn’t necessarily to bulk up or lose fat. To me, it’s more important to get in better cardiovascular shape and to improve my overall energy levels. I think that morning jog/run idea is a good one.

    On a side note, I’m digging that widget you have in the sidebar showing off people who are showing off your t-shirt. That’s pretty cool!

  2. Strong OneNo Gravatar says:

    LOOOVE IT… unleash more often my friend. Sometimes the truth is what people need to hear, instead of all the damn fluff we see pasted all over the media these days.
    Get off of it and move it, if you want to lose it.
    I have recently adopted a new theme: “No Excuses”
    Great post.

  3. TomNo Gravatar says:

    Good post. Everyone wants some magic diet, or quick fix exercise that will help them lose weight. Unfortunately, it’s not just eating a little differently, or doing a little cardio. It’s a combination of many different things that really improves your body and health. Like you said, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s takes effort, focus, and discipline, but it is well worth the trouble.

  4. Indeed… Nothing is more motivating than actually doing it.

  5. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t forget about setting realistic goals, creating personal incentives to stay on track, and having one cheat day a week (and actually using it).

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Cheat days. Ah, cheat days. How I love you so.

    • IronGuruNo Gravatar says:

      Cheat DAYS or cheat MEALS. I opt for cheat MEALS, since a day consists of many meals … people will tend to forget their goals and “splurge” a few thousand calories over.

      I’m down for a big, greasy cheeseburger, large basket of fries, tons of condiments and a Milkshake … but, just once a week is more than enough for me.

  6. DerekNo Gravatar says:

    nice post you have here, having a healthy lifestyle will definitely slim you down.

  7. MizFitNo Gravatar says:

    delurking to give you and AMEN!!!

    thank you thank you thank you for the rant.


  8. Dude, you’ve been at 44 pounds lost forever. Let’s get an update!

  9. U’ve created a storm with this one Isreal, but I do agree. I think everyone knows that to lose weight they need to eat less and exercise more. Well….do it! How bad do u want it? If it means enough to you, you can do it. Its not rocket science.

  10. Strong OneNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with John… No excuses pal. Let’s see some updated posted results. (That’s me unleashing.. Heh heh)

  11. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Israel, have you tried out Traineo yet?

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Not something I honestly think I can keep up with, but it’s a good site for those that can. It has some benefits to it. I like it very much, but doubt I can keep it updated with my hectic online life.

  12. bluesandNo Gravatar says:

    the 6 meals a day is the hardest for me. i have trouble eating 2-3 meals per day. this is somthing i need to work on.

  13. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Israel,

    Nicely summed up.I like the morning workouts and the 45 minutes plus of cardio. Anything less just wont cut it (unless it’s HIIT).

    8-9 meals a day? You’re an eating machine.

    I’d get on you about the weight update, but I still haven’t updated my about page so I can’t really talk 🙂

  14. Coral SnakeNo Gravatar says:

    you are so right … i mean , many people often wonder why they are not getting the results they want , some say ” hey , i’ve switched to diet soda , and i have cut of the fast food ” well, you may have gone to diet soda ( which is still terrible for you) but those arizonas and snapples you may be drinking are just as bad … and even without the fast food , why must you insist on those TV dinners …. and most of the time they don’t exercise like they should … of course they don’t get results , they only put in half the effort.

  15. im tryin to loss weight i tried anything and everything man nothin seem to work so well i might as well try this out.

  16. YarnNo Gravatar says:

    really nice post.
    thanks a lot

  17. MuataNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post Israel, but I hate doing long, boring cardio, especially if it’s on one of those machines! Steve Maxwell, one of my personal inspirations, blogged about the 10 reasons he doesn’t do aerobics:

    I can’t say that I disagree much with him from my own experience …


    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      I agree with the boringness of some cardio. I personally like switching things up. I do treadmill, biking, HIIT, sprints, elliptical and sometimes just really intense weight lifting/workouts.

      • MuataNo Gravatar says:

        I hear you Israel. I guess once I realized that weight resistance (you choose the type) done properly not only builds muscle but gives just as much benefit for you heart, which is a big muscle, as a spinning class! Most folks when they want to lose weight focus entirely too much on cardio to burn calories, which usually leaves them with a soft physique because they are usually burning more LBM (lean body mass) than actually fat stores. I call this the “Jared Complex” as it relates to guys. 😉

        Keep up the great work bro!

        • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

          HAHA, Jared Complex. You are so right on that people focus too much on strictly cardio when they want to lose weight. Those skinny fat guys come to mind.

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