Day 1 of Forever: Before Pictures

What a day. It started out wrong. Things didn’t feel right. I was dreading waking up today because I knew that I had to begin my lifestyle change. Last night I was craving some Dominoes Pizza. I even ordered it , but it never came. I guess it was fate that didn’t let it come.

Anyway, so I wake up and the first thing I smell is breakfast. My mom is here on vacation and has taken it upon herself to make the most tasty meals at precisely the point in life when I have made this decision to shape up. It was mashed potatoes with onions and salami.

Why did the day start off wrong? Because I gave in to the food. I ate half of the heaping potatoes and all of the salami. I was disappointed in myself. Pissed off actually, but while eating it I couldn’t stop until I realized that I was failing. That’s when I pushed the plate aside and put the fork down. I didn’t eat anything until after my work out several hours later. I don’t recommend going long hours without consuming food or nutrients.

I was originally going to start off the routine by taking a mix of supplements, but I have since changed my mind.


The above is a shot of supplements my friend Lukas gave me. They include Ripped Fuel, Oxegen-Nitric Oxide Stimulator, Creatine Fuel and some others. I think I need to focus on the eating and exercise part of it. Therefore I will hold off on these until I drop some pounds. Instead I will stick with Whey Protein, green tea and some multivitamins.

Speaking of green tea, I just made a fresh batch today. It will be a major part of my new diet

Green Tea


I like it cooled. So I make it then let it sit for a while before putting it in the fridge. I ran out of lemons so I couldn’t add any. I have drank half of that batch already today. Plus tons of water. My bathroom visits have increased dramatically today. I suspect thats gonna be the case for a long while.

About 6 hours later I finally decided to workout. I was dreading it and the workout showed. It wasn’t the best workout in my life, but it was a start. I did break a sweat. I did some bench reps, lat pull downs and bicep curls. Then I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I am a little sore. I was really disgusted throughout the entire workout. But like I said, something is something. I think tomorrow will be better. I am going to try and do two-a-days. Which is working out twice a day. I don’t want to burn myself out, but I think that will be a good boost. Maybe doing it a few times a week when my energy levels are higher.

I was a bit more active today too, which helps. I am going to try to do as much as I can: take hot showers with steam so that I can sweat, do a more around the house, go outside for walks, play with my daughter more. Little things that will help with the entire process.

I took some photos so that I can have before pics to show throughout the journey. I really do not want to post these, but I think it is essential. I figured the end result will be that much sweeter.

Yeah, it’s bad. 348 pounds of swollen fat. I am confident that I can carve away the fat and get back to my in-shape days.There is definitely room fro improvement. I will try and post photos every few weeks when I notice a significant drop in weight.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I should actually be sleeping. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I feel a bit better especially considering how the day began. Got to do 50 push ups first. Then I can sleep.

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  1. tommyfocusNo Gravatar says:

    I found your secret post!!!!! Prize please!!!

  2. JeffNo Gravatar says:

    Well I too started a journey to loose the weight that I puut on over the years. I started out at 289 lbs. I decided to start my journey around my 41st birthday. I have been having back pain and leg pain, I am sure it is from all the extra weight that I have been carrying around. The thing that I am struggling with is the late night craving for sweet stuff, ice cream, cookies or any other thing I can stuff in my mouth. Can anyone give me an idea how to satisfy this craving?

  3. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Hello, my names David, I’m 14 and I want to say over 260 pounds at 6’0 tall. I’m fat, I have stretch marks all over my sides and my stomach… I just wish I could get rid of them. I put on my shirt and hope they’ll be gone by the next time, but it never works. Any suggestions, I just want to
    Be able to love someone without having to be looked at differently. I do not like my body, I’m hoping they will fade out. They get bad sometimes but it’s a good thing I am hairy. I just need someone to tell me that there is a way and teach me how to fall along that track.

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