DietTribe from Lifetime, Episode 3 Recap

Lifetime's DietTribe

Day 43: Lydia’s party gave the girls a really great time, maybe too good of a time. It gave the girls a great self esteem boost with all their friends compliments. Especially with the guys checking them out (Lydia got a phone number!). You can tell they are carrying themselves differently with their 10-15 pound weight losses.

With all of the fried food and drinks, the girls did get to indulge a bit. It wasn’t so much the food that was a problem, it was the drinking. Shawna took it a little too far.

Day 44: The girls knew they were going to have a big day. However, Shawna was hungover and unable to participate in the challenge.

Arriving at Los Angeles Coliseum trainer Jessie Pavelka informs the girls that they would be climbing around 3,000 steps and must complete the feat in 45 minutes time. Morgan and Annie initially had a bad attitude, but Megan rallied the troops even though she was afraid of heights. With only a few struggles the girls completed the challenge in 44 minutes.

Here is a video of the Coliseum Challenge, courtesy of

Day 47: This segment was pretty funny actually. The girls, looking for fun ways to exercise, decided to go to a roller skating rink. I’m not sure about the choice of short shorts, but it gave the girls something constructive and enjoyable to do.


However, Shawna keeps the ‘tribe’ down again with her bad attitude. Shawna is the personal trainer, who was doing that only a short year and a half ago. After money troubles and a bad boyfriend she lost her motivation for fitness. We all have our hard times, so I can definitely relate.

Day 52: Another fun and well interesting way the girls chose to exercise outside of the gym was to take a Strip For Fit class. After the initial shyness, some of the girls got into it. Morgan and Megan were deemed the “sexy” ones, while Lydia called herself goofy.

Day 56: After Morgan continued to explore her mother issues with psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser, they all tried a group exercise.

When they first showed the girls on this scene, I thought it would be kind of a filler, but it actually was fun to watch and you could view how they all would react. Each girl would go on stage and portray one of their friends in the group. The girls said they were all exaggerated, but accurate. Right on cue, Shawna of course gets mad and has yet another issue. It’s very interesting to see the one who was physically fit before, is having such a hard time with this process.

Day 58: Two days before the next way in, the girls go dress shopping again. This time the results are completely different. From the way they carry themselves to the way the dresses fit, it’s different from 37 days earlier. Anna chooses some red brides maid dress for the girls, which they are all happy with and seem to work for all of the girls, no drama this time!

Day 60: This day starts with some of the girls stating their disappointments thus far, however that seems to be erased after the third weigh-in.

Weigh-in results:

Megan 5 pounds (total 15)
Anna 6 pounds (total 21)
Shawna 5 pounds (total 19)
Lydia 4 pounds (total 16)
Morgan 9 pounds (total 23)

Morgan the had the lowest weight loss last weigh-in at only 3 pounds, loses a big 9 pounds! Way to go Morgan!

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  1. This is a great show but some of the things on there are a little unrealistic

  2. In my opinion the diet should be raw (when have you seen an animal cooking food), Vegie and dairy free…. Have you ever seen a goat drink a cows milk?

    I have eaten like this for a long time now and have tried a lot of diets…. I believe this is the way to go… but don’t take my word for it…. give it a try…. i’d be interested in what result you get!

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Definitely, but let’s be realistic, not everyone is going to solely eat raw foods. It’s a good step in the right direction to incorporate veggies AND FRUITS.

  3. justme518No Gravatar says:

    Shawna’s attitude is horrible!!! I tried so hard to like her but, I think she brings the other girls down. I truly believe that if she was losing the MOST weight each week she, wouldn’t have a bad attitude. I think that she assumed she would be the biggest loser each week since she is a former fitness instructor. I am proud of each of these ladies because, losing weight is a BIG deal! Great job ladies!

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