DietTribe from Lifetime, Episode 4 Recap

Lifetime's DietTribe

Day 70: Off to Las Vegas for Anna’s bachelorette party. The girls arrive at the Palazzo ready to let lose and take a few ‘cheat’ days or two. The room is a great suite, definitely a-list.

Day 71: After a gondola ride and a bit of gambling the girls have a night out. Getting dressed and ready to go out everyone notices Lydia’s confidence is way up. She even gets a call from her new friend Michael before they go out.

The diet tribe heads over to the Canyon Grill for some healthy meals. The chef brings out a tasting of about 6 appetizers, each range from 70 to 185 calories. The entree’s then range from 315 calories to 360. The girls get some delicious meals and not breaking their diet… until…

Chippendales! It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without strippers. Anna gets her first experience of male strippers and even gets dragged up on stage. A night of drinking and dancing after that, except for Anna and Morgan who go back to the hotel early.

Day 72: At 7:30 AM Jessie Pavelka wakes up the girls. Most of them had just gone to bed 1-2 short hours before. Jessie woke up the girls for something special, not the workout they expected. He took them to climb a 40 ft rock wall.


Each of the girls had their own fears about climbing the wall. First up was Megan who we all know is afraid of heights. She climbs up the wall fairly easy, which inspires the rest of the girls. Anna who is also afraid of heights climbs the wall a bit shaky, but makes it. Lydia then does the 40 ft rock wall. Morgan, the heaviest girl in the tribe, nearly makes it to the top before calling it quits. Shawna’s fear of falling almost keeps her from completing this task, but she gets it together and makes it to the top.

Day 73: A therapy session with Stacey Kaiser brings up the previous day. I suppose they have to throw in the ‘therapy sessions’ to make it Lifetime quality, but it just seems kind of corny. However, you can tell the girls are maturing with the things they say. Morgan was able to put not climbing the wall behind her, saying “Just because I couldn’t do it this time, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to next time.”

Day 76: It’s time for the weigh-in already, with the girls nervous as ever.

Weigh-in results:

Lydia 7 pounds (23 pounds total)
Anna 6 pounds (20 pounds total)
Morgan 7 pounds (30 pounds total)
Anna 8 pounds total (29 pounds total)
Shawna 10 pounds (29 pounds total)

Since many of the girls have already reached their goals, or are one pound away, they’ve each set a personal goal. For the final 14 days Morgan, Anna, and Shawna each have a goal to lose an additional 7 pounds.

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