DietTribe from Lifetime, Episode 5: Season Finale

Lifetime's DietTribe

This week was the season finale of Diet Tribe. We saw 5 friends not only change their bodies, but also their mental toughness. It was all done in 90 days! The season finale of Diet Tribe was packed with drama, and of course, a happy ending.

Day 81: This is the last workout for the girls with trainer Jessie Pavelka. They have all become pretty close to Jessie, spending the last 3 months with him. That makes the girls a little sad, but they also realize how well they can do the workouts with Jessie’s help.

Day 83: Most of the girls have already lost their 30 pounds, so they are having trouble making their clothes fit. Time to shop! The girls go around trying on different jeans all fitting as they had hoped, unlike previous shopping trips where they had trouble and frustration.

Lydia said she started the diet at size 18, but leaves the store with size 12 jeans! 6 sizes in 80 days in 3 months is great.

Day 84: Morgan goes to meet with therapist Stacey Kaiser for a session. Last time she was asked to write down things she feared hearing from her mother, as well as what she wanted to hear.

You can tell Morgan is a lot stronger mentally.As they break through the real feelings are that she tells herself these things. Symbolic of her transformation they burn the paper of the negative things, and move on.

Day 85: After Morgan and Anna went rollerskating the first time with all the girls, they decided to commit to it every week since they enjoyed it so much. Sometime during their skating session, Morgan fell pretty bad. She ended up breaking her wrist. It requires surgery as well as putting 6-8 pins and plates in her arm. Ouch!

Jesse visited her to make sure she was doing well. Surprisingly she wasn’t beating herself up over it and seems very positive. It’s just another example of how far these women have come.


Day 86: On day 1, the girls ran a timed quarter mile, and the results weren’t very good. Many of the girls took over 2 minutes. But this time the girls were prepared. Morgan couldn’t run, but the other girls all improved their times. Shawna ran 25 seconds faster, Lydia ran 20 seconds faster, and Anna ran 55 seconds faster. Shawna and Lydia both finishing under 2 minutes.

That left one other person, Megan. Midway through the run she suffered an asthma attack and really broke down. After making sure she was okay, the girls helped her complete the rest of the challenge, as a group.

How does Lifetime manage to get so much drama?

Day 90: It’s time for makeovers and the final weigh-in. First the girls go get cut, colored and changed. They all look really different as they reveal the changes. Lydia’s biggest change is definitely the straight hair. Anna finally gets a cut after not getting one for several years, and you can tell. Shawna’s biggest change is simply her confidence as she strolls right in ready for weigh-in.

Final Weigh-In
Anna started at: 228 final: 193 total lost: 35 pounds
Shawna started at: 232 final: 196 total lost: 36 pounds
Lydia started at: 210 final: 179 total lost: 31 pounds
Megan started at: 218 final: 188 total lost: 30 pounds

The worst part of Morgan’s injury (besides the pain) was that she wasn’t able to get the makeover, or attend the final weigh-in. Instead they brought the weigh-in to her, busted arm and all.

Morgan started at: 292 final: 255 total lost: 37 pounds

What was really great about Morgan was that even though she wasn’t able to workout with the girls, she still lost weight from sticking to her diet.

Day 91: The girls celebrated their goals at Anna’s wedding. It was really nice and simple wedding and all the girls were glowing.

Is it time for a Diet Tribe 2?

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  1. I think these people have experienced an amazing thing.

  2. Mental toughness is big when you are trying to lose weight. It can be soo easy to tread off in the wrong direction without mental toughness. I like the details in this blog.

  3. What’s good with this reality shows is that the participants are not only doing weight trimming but also making money out of it. A good way to introduce oneself to the world and be known instantly. Hopefully, the discipline that was instilled during the show must be keep in mind always and not just for show purposes only.

  4. Margie CreswellNo Gravatar says:

    Would like very much to be a part of the next diet tribe challenge. My mame is Margie Creswell and I am overweight and I am very happy to see women that I can identify. It has given me great hope.
    My email is and my phone number is 291-498-5022

  5. ShawnNo Gravatar says:

    What channel does this play on? I havent even heard of it before. Looks good though.

  6. JoNo Gravatar says:

    I am thankful for diet tribe,it has been an inspiration for my daughter.She has to lose weight to be able to have a baby.She wants one so bad.This show has helped her to get motavated.Thanks agin for the show

  7. EinZNo Gravatar says:

    I never watch the DietTribe because I don’t have the opportunity since I live outside U.S. But from what this post I can understand this reality program certainly very interesting. Lose weight is not a thing that can happen in the twinkling of an eye, it requires time and this kind programs surely can inspire and motivate people to want to lose weight.

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