Do you smell that? Football is in the Air.

Part of the weight loss process for me is analyzing all of the aspects of my life, whether good or bad. That includes my likes and dislikes. Letting you guys, the reader, observe and give me advice on how to improve is crucial in this process. One of my major passions that involves consumption of food and a lot of sitting around is watching NFL Football.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post:

Ah yes folks it is Football Season once again! And yes I have capitalized “Football Season” because it is with reverence and high esteem that we hold this time of year. I feel alive when the first kick off of the season takes place. Pre-season football on the other hand is like homework…definitely a necessary evil that I’d rather choose to ignore. No back to the darling of this post: The 2007 Football Season.

Lets begin with interesting things to look out for. Being a New Yorker “She-Lie” Manning will not go unscathed, I assure you. Thank you Tiki Barber, keep ruffling those feathers.

1. How many weeks until the pretender Manning is ousted as the starter for the G-Men? Jared Lorenzen get ready to do your thing fat boy!—My prediction: Week 3 third quarter. Sunday, Sept 23rd in Washington around 6pm eastern time is D-Day baby Manning!

David Gest, man or mutant.2. Speaking of quarterbacks…how long until the farse or fart that is the Rex Grossman era comes to an end? Come on folks this guy is not a starting quarterback…admit it. And if you’re a Bear fan you know it and are shaking in your…whatever footwear Second city-zoids wear. Besides has anyone noticed that Grossie is just that GROSS! You can’t tell me he doesn’t wax his eye brows. Look closely. And lately he’s starting to resemble Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband that she bitch slapped all the time…David Gest. Not a good look Chicago, not a good look. My prediction: Chicago is screwed but will memorize scenes from Cabaret.


Rex GrossmanDon’t they look alike? If you look close enough you will see that Rex Grossman plucks his eyebrows. I tried to find a close up, but I think that Rex has systematically had all of his close up shots removed from the internet. Please watch any ESPN or NFL Network interviews he does. There was one that I caught the other day that showed his thinly plucked eyebrows.

3. Who will do better Reggie Bush or Joseph Addai. The real question is when is my Super-Reggie going to show up! Man I love this guy when has the cape on that he misplaced somewhere in USC. Although I love how he nearly ripped Bears fans hearts out during last years NFC championship. That t.d. run was slick! But to be frank and beans fans, Joseph Addai will be the rock steady performer we know the Colts system is turning him into. My prediction: Reggie Bush becomes frustrated and publicly demands the damn ball like another USC performer (Keyshawn Johnson). Deuce take a seat!

4. Does Larry Johnson take the MVP this year or does LaDainian Tomlinson snatch it again. The buzz is that Larry Johnson will have reduced carries…but to me that means that they will get him involved more in the passing game. Larry can catch the ball and is scary in the open field. So getting him out and up field would limit the between the tackle pounding and raise big run opportunities. I think L.T. is due…for a let down! New coaches…new stuff…new challenges. – My prediction: LJ out plays LT and brings back the MVP trophy to the HOOD! Is the MVP award a trophy? Don’t really know.

So from now on I will not only be posting about my weight loss journey, but about football, life and anything else I can think of in my Ramblings section.

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