Does My Appendix Weigh 6 Pounds?

I doubt it does, since it’s such a tiny insignificant part of the human body. This is a continuation of yesterdays post about my come back from appendicitis. I had to stay an extra day in the hospital just because my blood was still a bit contaminated. It took me a couple of days, but my body got back to form and with the help of some antibiotics I was able to get well a lot sooner then they expected. I was up and about the second day after my surgery. Overall I think I had a quick recovery, or better said, am having a quick recovery.

I almost forgot to mention my experience right before going into surgery. First off, it was freezing cold in the hospital. They told me that it’s because bacteria has a hard time forming in a cold environment. Sounds smart. They told me to take my clothes off and put on a gown. The prep guys name was Isador. Uncannily similar to Israel I think. They were calling him Izzy, which is what some people call me. He also told me that he had the appendix surgery done and that I wouldn’t remember a thing. He was right. He was also of Spanish decent. Hmmmmm. After saying goodbye to my warrior wife, I was on my way into the white, cold OR (operating room). She came to be with me after I told her I was being operated on and didn’t want to leave my side all night. I love her so much. I finally asked her to go home after my two hour operation so that she could have a good nights rest. In the OR, they were playing some slow jazz music and all six people in the room had vibrant colors on. The contrast with the white, metal room was very apparent. The OR felt good. Nothing like on ER. They then had me slide onto thing operating table and began strapping my arms and legs down. Once they did that, they told me to take some deep breaths and gave my some anesthesia.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital room with my wife saying that I looked pale. She was happy that I was back and looked really worried. You need to understand something. I am not the kind of person to go to hospitals or have any major health issues. I usually heal quickly and without any medications. So when my family sees that I am being operated on, they immediately think the worst. It’s almost like Superman being wounded, it just doesn’t happen. Even my daughter was scarred of me. She is not used to seeing me being sick and wouldn’t come near me the entire time I was at the hospital. The only time she let me hug and kiss her was when she came with my wife to pick me up to go home.

I was at the hospital for four days, from Sunday to Wednesday. I wasn’t able to get online and blog, but was fortunate enough to have some posts timestamped for the week. I was beginning to get used to the hospital, which is not something I like. Whenever they asked me if I had any allergies I would answer with, “Yes, hospitals.” I would say it with a straight face. The overall experience at the hospital was very pleasant. One thing I didn’t like was that there was a funeral home right next door to the hospital. WTF? Talk about inappropriate.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to perform any strenuous exercise for about four to six weeks, but I will be able to continue to regulate my diet. That should help maintain my weight. I actually only lost six pounds throughout the whole ordeal. That’s a lot less than I expected. I was thinking I would lose 20 lbs. They only kept me on a liquid diet for one day. Again, I think it’s because of my inner-warriorness. They kept saying I was in great health and that made me feel good. I was thinking that maybe I did something to cause this, but the journey that I began this summer has paid off. This appendix mishap was just a fluke.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, well maybe my worse enemy, but not on anyone else. I am at about 90% health and still feel a slight bit of pain, nothing unbearable, where one of the incisions was made. I suspect that within two weeks time I will be able to get back on my recumbent bike and perform some light exercise movements. It’s up to the doctor though. I plan on following his advice, which I will get when I see him at out appointment next week. Thanks doctor Patel. You da hombre! For those few guys that I was supposed to start a challenge with in December, I am sorry but I may not be able to do that challenge. Unless the doc says I can.

Ruptured Appendix day 3

I highly recommend that if you feel any pain in your abdominal area, or anywhere for that matter, that you get yourself checked out. FAST! You just never know what could happen.

It sucks that I don’t have health coverage. The enormous bill I am going to receive is going to be hard to pay. I guess now is the time to ask for any donations or advertising purchases. They would definitely help with the hospital bill.

I tried asking the nursing staff and doctors what could have caused this or what I could have done to prevent it. The answer was the same: It’s a bit random and nothing. Now, I am the kind of guy that thinks that for every action their is a reaction, but from doing some research and speaking to the docs and nurses, the appendix is just plain stupid. It’s a tiny obsolete thing in the human body. One nurse told me that it was used more before we evolved from eating tree trunks. There are even reports of some children being born without them. But anyway…

Who else do you know that could walk around (go to Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies, drive the family around town, go to the movies, go to dinner, drive himself to the emergency room) with a ruptured appendix for six days and live to blog about it?

The Fat Man Unleashed that’s who!

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  1. phoenixNo Gravatar says:

    your hot in a hospital bed. any sponge baths? do you have any pics of the gown from the back.

  2. TomerNo Gravatar says:

    Even after hearing the story, still very scary. Very glad this worked out OK. 🙂

  3. You have 6 in the title of two blog posts sequentially… Definitely keep the diet on track, it will make you happy when you do get back into working out. I guess the next six weeks of post will be about your new turkey burger recipes and diet advice.

    Question, how often do you update your weight scale that is posted on each post?

  4. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s top hoping you recover quickly. Mine almost burst when I was 20 years old. For about two weeks after the surgery it felt like my insides shifted around every time i got up or sat down.

    That was also the end of the “permanently-always thin” stage of my life. Before that surgery I was thin without working out or caring. After I gained ten pounds and started my journey to fatness.

  5. MickNo Gravatar says:

    I discovered your blog by accident, & will read back posts with interest. I also am a ‘fat man’ – 133Kg (297lb), 6’4″, unfit & not quite 50 years old. I’m about to become a double-grandaddy, so I need to start getting healthy.

    Re the appendix being ‘obsolete’ or vestigial, it’s recently been found that it is an important part of the anatomy. It’s a reservoir of vital stomach bacteria, a backup supply, in case the digestive system is purged of digestive bacteria, which can happen in the case of cholera or dysentry. Without it, the victim wouldn’t be able to digest food, & would starve.

    Recover well & quickly.

  6. MickNo Gravatar says:

    Here ya go:

    I’m a little amazed that scientists & medicos still talk about certain organs (appendix, coccyx, etc) being useless leftovers of our evolutionary past, when such claims made in the past have been almost universally wrong. The list of supposed vestigial organs has been whittled down from over a hundred to just a handful, as the purpose of these organs has been discovered.

    I guess it makes a bloke feel more authoritative to say “This bit has no purpose.” Saying “We don’t know what it’s for” is a bit ego deflating.

  7. JenneeNo Gravatar says:

    i wanted to say good luck on recovery. hopefully your over it.
    I had a question about the pain prior to surgery. I was told about weeks ago that my appendix is starting to get swollen.
    It feels like I have a golf ball in my lower right side. Near my hip. Anyways, the last few days i have been having sharp pains in the same spot.
    Did you have any of this- if you can remember?

    Im glad you made it through surgery ok. and You are very blessed to have the wife you do!!

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Jenee. Go check that out ASAP. I had those sharp pains. DO it right now.

    • DebbieNo Gravatar says:

      Yes-my appendix burst on vacation in Kauai-lots of metal staples and IVs and antibiotics,a little fluid in the lungs-great little hospital ,though-I wasn’t even in that much pain when it burst-thought it was women problems or something i ate. For a month before this happened my right hip hurt a lot and strangely enough-my right ring finger ached like it was bashed with a bat. It’s a foretelling of what’s to come-wish more Medical web sights mention this pain.

  8. JenneeNo Gravatar says:

    thanks for writing back so fast!
    i see my doc tuesday so– not to sound dumb but im going to try to wait til then. if it gets worse, changes or anything im heading to the ER!
    Im glad you wrote this blog

  9. brittneyNo Gravatar says:

    I was misdiagnosed with “the flu” and i was actually walking around for ten days with a ruptured appendix! i know what you went through

    • sheriNo Gravatar says:

      My son is 20 years old he was diagnosed with the flu and sent home we went back 3 days later and was told to head to another hospital for a ct scan wich we found out it was a ruptured appendix he was home for 2 days and now he has returned to the hospital with vommitting and diareah he now has been told that he has a infection called c-disacell in stool which is cause by the appendix poison and it is affecting his bowls someone please tell me is he going to make it

  10. NickNo Gravatar says:

    Glad to see you came out of this episode alive and continued to share your battle against the belly.

    Did you ever update your blog about what happened with your hospital bill?

    I am just getting health insurance after coasting without incident since last August, but many friends are still rolling the dice. I have heard that hospitals will in many cases work something out — like forgive part of your bill so they can get the amount you can actually pay — but that a large number of bankruptcies result from high hospital bills.

    I know its kind of personal to ask about your finances but did you ever/would you ever share what came of that?

  11. ashliNo Gravatar says:

    i got a call from my boyfriend the other day saying he was in the hospital. he was complaining about really bad back pain, which he needs disks replace, so we thought it was his back. once he got to the hospital they ran tests and found out it was his appendix. he’s the same way you said you were. he hates doctors and hospitals. i live 2 hours away from him and when i heard what was going on i came out to make sure everything was okay. he was home by the time i got into town. he then went back to the hospital at 2 in the morning and didn’t bother to call me to let me know, but again he refused to get admitted. the next day he was still in severe pain and had started vomiting.I’m waiting for him now so we can go to the hospital so he can get his surgery.I’m just glad this happened while him and i are together cause i know how he is and if i wasn’t here for him he wouldn’t do anything about him.I’m going to share your story with him and maybe it’ll make him think twice next time. thank you for sharing your story with us it’s very inspirational.

  12. Dana WhiteNo Gravatar says:

    RE: Your statement “……the appendix is just plain stupid. It’s a tiny obsolete thing in the human body. ”
    It’s now believed that the appendix is a recepticle or storage area for beneficial bacteria. When the ‘bad’ bateria enters the appendix and stays, it becomes infected. Knowing this, we’ll probably have a way to prevent appendicitis in another 40-50 years. Knowledge and cures in medicine tend to be quite far apart.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      I was aware of the appendix being a storage area but it still does not make it beneficial if it bursts and potentially kills you…

  13. KingNo Gravatar says:

    So the heart isnt beneficial if it can have an attack and potentially kill you?
    Hehe.. Just had to point that out. Otherwise, kudos on the nice blog and your health (I hope that you’re in perfect condition by now).

  14. UDV123No Gravatar says:

    I just had to go through this. I walked around with mine ruptured for about 2 days. The 1st day, i felt a slight pain in the middle of my stomach (later to find out that this is where the pain starts) and i thought nothing of it. Just for the record i am 16. I went outside that day, threw the football around, etc. The next morning the pain was throbing, but it moved over a little, again i thought nothing about it. I thoght maybe it was trapped gas or something. I went on to school and about 5th period the pain became very sharp and unbearable. It worsened over the next 2 periods. Finally the end of school came. It was on a friday. I limped out of the classroom clenching my stomach and continued on to the bus ( a very horrific and painful ride home) and once i arrived at home, i still had to limp all the way down the street to my house. Later i went and tried to use the bathroom. This did not take away the pain. Finally when my mom got home she and my father decided to take me to the Emergency room. I sat there from 11:30pm to 4:00am. Finally i was called back. I too had to drink this clear liquid so that they could preform a catscan. the doctor later came and told me i had appendicitis after the CT. This is when my heart dropped and my hands became cold and sweaty. I too was scared about leaving my family. Well to rap this up i had my Surgery and my recovery took a whole week. Limped in on a Friday and Limped out on a Friday. Its been 3 weeks and they had me on medication for infection and pain. My incision was about 7 inches long because the doc told me i had alot of muscle, i had no idea i did. Oh yea, the doc said he thought he was going to have to remove half of my colin because of infection, but thank god he did not. He also told me he had to literally peel my appendix out of there. My incison is healed now. I had 18 staples. Got them removed last Monday. Its been 3 weeks since that dreadful day. The way i look at it. You actually had it lucky with how they cut you open. You got the 3 small cuts. I have a 7 inch incision on the side of my stomach, lol. Well i enjoyed reading your post even though this happened to you in 07. Sorry for the long comment.

  15. DaphneNo Gravatar says:

    I found your article 3 years after my surgery. I’m looking for diet advice for the specific surgery I had. I had a ruptured appendix and was sent home misdiagnosed. I had arrived by ambulance at the hospital so soon after the rupture that my white blood cell count was normal and I was complaining of generalized abdominal pain. I don’t blame them (much) for not catching the problem. Three days later, my appendix had mashed into my intestines and produced a mass that had to be surgically removed. Part of my large intestine and twisted small intestine were removed in a four hour surgery. I have a long vertical scar centrally to abdomen. I was in hospital for 3 weeks with complications. One was an abscess which required a drain to be inserted through buttocks into lower abdomen. It was quite uncomfortable to try and lay without laying on the darn tube sticking out of my buttocks muscle. Worse than that was the c. diff. infection resulting from the powerful antibiotics I was taking to fight the infected matter from the appendix and which took over my digestive system. Hell is having crazy diarreha while hooked up to an IV. I lost 17 pounds. I was left with IBS which still dogs me. Apparently I was very lucky to survive the ruptured appendix.
    I had no hospital bill, as I live in Canada.

    • Daphne, yikes! Sounds like you went through hell. What exactly is the advice you need? Is it regarding what you eat? I’d to natural, unprocessed foods. Try eating fruits and veggies as the main part of your diet.

  16. BenNo Gravatar says:

    16 year old guy from Canada here, randomly reading the article trying to find out how much the stupid thing weighs.

    I got out of the hospital after long ordeal with appendicitis not too long ago. When the symptoms first showed up, it was endurable, and when I went to a hospital with my parents, we were told it was just a gastric flu, and it should go away soon.

    So I had to miss a week of school (Just in time for the end of term, which would impact my grades dramatically) without knowing the real problem, then after a while, I could walk a bit, and I thought the “gastro” had gone away. Over the next 7 days the pain slowly got worse and worse until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was almost unable to eat anything. My Physics teacher, after I had explained everything, was amazed I could even still walk.

    So after 7 days, I was rushed to the ER, where they performed many many tests on me to find out what it was I had. (Didn’t take too long, obviously, at this point.)
    So they put me in a bed for the night with other patients in a hallway. One of them kept moaning and yawning really loudly.

    The next day, I was told that I indeed did have an appendicitis, and they’d try to get an OR for me as soon as they could. Luckily for me, there was one ready almost immediately. I was put to sleep, and when I woke up I was in my room, with the doctors around me, and I was glad to see no tube sticking from my stomach.

    The doctors told me I had had quite a large infection of that general area and a large abscess, and that they had quite alot of fluids to drain.

    I had to stay 8 days, and then had to take antibiotics for a week. Can’t do physical activities for a month, which is sad for me, who is a gymnast.

    All in all, I missed 3 weeks of school and I also had a very close call. Appendicitis SUCKS.

  17. Frank CruzNo Gravatar says:

    Wow crazy story man!! But u made it through, and your here to fight another day!!

  18. SandraNo Gravatar says:

    My story is a sad one. I lost my Father 2 weeks ago, we buried him on my parents 57th wedding anniversary, Nd we will never get over what happened to him! He went into the ER with a stomache pain and was sent home and told to take Pepcid AC, so he did. The next day the pain got worse and his stomache had gotten very swollen like he was 6 months pregnant, he went back to the hospital and they finally did a cat scan, and his appendex had ruptured, but it was so bad they had to remove his colon, bowel, small intestine and appendex, he was 40 days in the hospital, 2 weeks in rehab, and at home 2 weeks with a nurse, and then he passed Way, his heart had gotten so weak from all the trauma from the surgery he died. If they did a cats an on his abdomen the first time he went to the ER, he would be here today! Do not trust these ER doctors, they are lazy! Because of there stupidity we lost a wonderful man! Yes we are going to pursue this with an attorney but it won’t bring back my wo derail Father!

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