Double Time

Today was an awesome day. I woke up ready to workout but couldn’t because I spent the majority of the day with my daughter. It was so great because we enjoyed each others company. For breakfast I had some Total Raisin Bran with some 2% low fat milk. It tasted really good and filled me up. After that I had my daily morning protein shake. I usually prepare my shakes with Green Tea instead of milk or water. I don’t know why but I like it that way. After spending some more time with my daughter and in between episodes of The Backyardigans on Nickalodean, I managed to eat some tuna for lunch with some green tea to wash it down. Yummy!

I called Lukas to come over so that we could have our weekly workout session. He jetted over and we began working out. We benched and did some triceps. Some will argue that you shouldn’t work those two muscle groups on the same day, some will argue that you should. I like switching it up so I don’t really care. We did about 6 or 7 sets of bench. First with 135 lbs to warm up. Then 3 more sets with 225 lbs. Finally 3 sets of 135 lbs to cool down. It was quite a workout. Then we did some triceps and abdominals. He showed me some new exercises to target my mid section and I showed him my patented twist workout. We loved each others new found torture-like exercises.

After we finished with the strength training part of the day, I jumped on to my treadmill and JOGGED for 10 minutes straight. Why did I capitalize “jogged?” Well, it’s not every day that you see a 340 lb man jogging for 10 minutes at a decent speed. Also, I was not expecting to be at this point until 2 or 3 weeks into my working out. So it was an awesome achievement. I jogged for 10 minutes, walked for 6 minutes, then jogged or 4 minutes more. I was extremely pleased with the afternoon workout.

This is my treadmill in the “closed” position:


After the workout we had some whey protein and took a break. I made my shake with green tea, fiber, whey protein, and glutamine. It does not taste too bad and I like to take it all in at the same time, instead of separately. For dinner I had two slices of grilled chicken with salad. It hit the spot. So a few hours pass by and guess what? I was ready for my “two-a-day” second cardio session. Normally I would workout in the morning and then again at night, but this time I had to exercise only a few hours later. It was well worth it.


My wife has been wanting to drop about 15 lbs off of her petite frame. She keeps saying she needs motivation, so instead of going into The Shack to get on the treadmill I told her to get dressed so that we could go for a walk. She does so right away and after a nice stretch we start off. Right away I tell her to jog instead of walk. We start off jogging down the street. It’s dark so we decide to jog in the middle of the road instead of the sidewalks. I didn’t want any weird animals jumping out at us. LOL. About 10 minutes into it I start needing to urinate, my wife is 130 lbs and is in pretty decent shape so she is a few steps ahead of me. I yell at her to stop so that I can relieve myself in a bush. A minute later we are back hitting the pavement. The sweat begins pouring down my face, arms, and legs. I immediately realize that my body is beginning to show the effects of working out a few hours earlier. But that did not stop me as I kept pushing. My wife did as well, she was now about half a block ahead of me at the point. I was not in any pain, I simply could not pump my legs any faster. It was odd, almost like slow motion. But I kept at it. When we got back home I was drenched in sweat. I sat down for a few minutes then did some of the ab exercises that Lukas showed me earlier in the day. My wife did some push ups and abs of her own and we went inside. My mom thought it was pouring rain outside. That just shows you how sweaty I was.

After a nice warm shower I laid down and thought of the great day that had just passed. I had managed to workout two times with two different motivated individuals. Days like this are good, especially after the lack luster week I had on my trip.

Oh, I almost forgot, I took some pictures today after my first workout. Here they are:

Funny Strong Man pose

This is me posing like a super muscular strong man.


I have a long way to go, but this is 8 days later.

Normal Front Shot

This is me looking normal and worn out after the first workout of the day.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I am extremely excited with what tomorrow holds. Hasta la pasta.

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  1. EmzNo Gravatar says:

    is that your natural bench? im about your size here and i was just wondering if you can bench the same ammount between 16-18 or has it increased as you got older 🙂

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