Drink More Agua

Water DispenserI seriously mean it. Drink MORE water. It helps clean your system out. I tend to drink at least a gallon of water a day. Maybe more, I get really thirsty after intense workouts. I also get extremely hungry after an intense workout, but I will cover that some other time.

If you look close enough at the picture you will see my Nike Shox glowing in the background. These, and my New Balance 8500’s, are my favorite running and training shoes. And yes, we recycle.

There are many benefits to drinking water. One of the benefits for me is that it helps me curb my hunger. There are times when I feel hungry although I just ate 30 earlier. During those times I just down some green tea and I am fine (I get most of my water via my green tea). There are times when I seriously just want to binge, but then I open the fridge and the first thing I see is a huge jug of green tea. It’s like my liquid protector.

Another benefit is that I don’t feel dehydrated. I sweat a lot, A LOT! Getting water into my system helps keep me hydrated ahead of time. When I was in the military the drill instructors used to say, “If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. You’re body is dehydrated.” They used to urge us to drink from our canteens every 15 to 20 minutes, even if we weren’t thirsty. I try, keyword here is TRY, to do employ this technique but the problem with me is that my kidneys process the water really fast. I pee a lot.


Having water circulate through your system helps you clean out your body and kidneys. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t drink enough water that your urine is yellow and stinky? Well, I do. I make sure to always drink enough water so that my urine is clear and odorless. Although I really dislike having to urinate so often, it is a necessary evil. 🙂 Some people think that the more water you drink, the more you will retain. That’s the total opposite of what happens.

I just had to take a water/piss break. I had to use the bathroom and then decided to drink some water while I was up.

Something else I have noticed is that when I drink decent amounts of water, my skin is clearer. My pores are cleaner and more open and I have less acne and blemishes. This isn’t something I particularly care about, but some folks may see it as a welcomed side effect.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is good for you, but be wary of drinking too much water. There have been cases in which some people have gotten water poisoning. Sounds weird right? Well, it’s true. A few month’s ago a lady died from over drinking during a radio station contest. She was trying to win a video game system for her kids. She was a single parent. It is important to try and spread out your water drinking and to not drink too much at one time. If you do, you may be drowning your body. That’s what happened to that poor lady.

Did you know that the human body can only last about a week without food and water? But it can last up to a month on only water? Crazy right? Now go drink more agua.

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  1. johnNo Gravatar says:

    Your own water machine? Awesome. How much does it cost to keep it full?

  2. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    yeh, the mrs. made me buy it. i love it, plus the tap water in florida is horrid. tastes like pool water. it costs about 2 dollars a week. 1 dollar for 5 gallons at the local supermarket.

  3. JessieNo Gravatar says:

    I also drink A TON of water throughout the day. Ya I pee lots, but I just see it as releasing all the grodies from my body.

    I have noticed that by drinking this much water my skin is definatly clearer AND softer. I also find that I am more mentally alert.

    The good thing about water coolers such as yours is that the water is distilled and always cold!!! I could not go without mine. Alright I COULD, but I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

  4. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    yeh i forgot to mention about the water cleaning out all that nastiness. thats what the yellow stuff is. my water cooler is awesome. 5 gallons for a buck. you cant go wrong.

  5. DaveNo Gravatar says:

    Drinking more water is very important, and not talked about enough. Dehydration can lead to various health problems, including less stamina at the gym.

  6. judithNo Gravatar says:

    I keep telling myself I should drink more water, but I just don’t seem to be able to do it. When I was a kid my best friend drank water all the time, my mum said it was because they were poor. Can you believe that! We’ve lost touch over the years, but I bet she’s healthier than I am. I really must make more of an effort, lets face it, it’s not difficult is it? So why do I have a problem?

  7. MattNo Gravatar says:

    Working out and drinking a lot of water seems to definitely do the trick for me. And I love water and enjoy working out so it works great!

  8. AdamNo Gravatar says:

    The tap water where I live is awful too and I get bottled water, but its really expensive. It costs me around $70 a month and I don’t even get the recommended daily amount.

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