Earth Day, What’s The Big Deal?

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Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day. So I guess I should be saying happy earth day, right? Earth Day is supposed to inspire awareness and appreciation of Earth. Wow, an entire day just for the environment.

What’s The Big Deal?

One day out of the year we should all respect the Earth. We shouldn’t use plastic bags, or drink out of things that aren’t recyclable. We should take all of our aluminum cans back to the supermarkets and earn a little money. Yeah, that’s only one day. Earth day has become an excuse for companies and stores to pretend that they care about the environment. They send out millions of plastic bags per year, but one time per month they try to cut down. How nice of them to do that. I suppose it makes it okay for them to pollute and destroy the planet as long as they put up a green logo on their web sites and hold green events for the public on Earth Day.

Tons of different stores and companies have been making attempts to go green. Walmart, Vons/Safeway and Kroger have all made attempts to go green. By doing so they have offered free reusable bags to their customers. A buddy of mine picked up a free Vons bag for spending $50 today.

Keep in mind that plastic bags can take as long as 1,000 years to degrade. Yet a reusable shopping bag only costs about $1 to purchase. It’s been great to see these bags given free, now it’s time to use them!

How green are they really?

What is Earth Day?


Each year on April 22 Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement started in 1970. This day is an excuse to alert the world of pollution and environment issues. Does it work?

Possibly, for one day. Earth Day is like any other, one sided and short lived. If people really wanted to make a difference they would have Earth Day, Earth Month and Earth Year. As a matter of fact, forget that. We should just practice what we practice on Earth Day all year round, every single day. Save the country and the world.

So, I say again, what’s the big deal with Earth Day?

Earth Day: Do Your Part

Throughout this month there have been many attempts for people to “go green.” The green movement has finally caught a little bit of fire. There is no reason not to be green. Simple little things can be done to help save the Earth. Yahoo has a dedicated Go Green area on their site, check it out. Go clean up a beach or a park. Or maybe just make an effort to recycle every single day for the rest of your life, and teach your kids to do the same.

Lose Weight and Be Green

As I mentioned plastic bags are not very eco-friendly. Neither are plastic bottles. During my healthy weight loss journey I’ve consumed tons of water, all in my reusable water bottle. I convinced a buddy to purchase a reusable water bottle as well. Instead of using plastic bottles and throwing them away, he’s started using the reusable bottle. With filtered water, the bottle comes perfectly equipped as being eco-friendly. You can also make an effort to walk or ride a bike to where you need to go. That would help cut down on the pollution from cars. You could even use public transportation or carpool to work.

What are you doing to help make the environment, and yourself, healthy?

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  1. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    great post, I did a quick writeup of my earth day πŸ™‚

  2. DerekNo Gravatar says:

    Being “green” has turned into the trendy thing to do and Earth Day provides an outlet for people to boast about the things that they have done on this one day. While every little bit certainly can help, even if for just one day, the real difference is made when people adopt these choices as part of their lifestyle.

  3. I agree in a way. It’s crazy to think that just thinking about the earth one day a year is enough to get anything done as far as improving the environment. But I suppose it’s all about awareness. The more aware people are about environmental problems, then the more we can move forward — eventually.

  4. MichaelNo Gravatar says:

    Here in Kazakhstan nobody knows about this date. It’s very pity πŸ™

  5. Hello Fat Man…

    Great site! Good luck with your blog…you are rockin’!

    Come over and see me some time

    I used to weigh over 400 pounds (that final figure I will not disclose here…LOL).

    Come see the new, still improving me…

    Southern smiles and world peace,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  6. panduNo Gravatar says:

    good posting israel,nice work

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