Exercising Sucks

Actually, exercising doesn’t suck. What sucks is when you’ve worked months and months on your dieting and have lost a lot of weight and then you add exercise to your program and start gaining it back.

However, no matter how much it sucks, don’t be discouraged. With the exercise your body has to make modifications because you’re burning more calories than you were before but haven’t eaten more food. The body gets worried that you’re trying to starve it. A couple of modifications that could help would be to add a few more calories to your diet or ignore the weight for a while as your body adjusts.

I’ve recently started an exercise program based on information that Israel here at Fat Man Unleashed provided me. I’m feeling the effects of it. My waist feels a little smaller. I’ve had more energy. My muscles are getting bigger. Every time I exercise it’s easier than the last time. However, I’ve gained weight. Not much, but a couple of pounds.


I’ve been told to ignore the scale for a while and although I have to weigh myself every day because my doctor wants me too, I’m going to start only paying attention to the weight about once a week. The other thing I do is if I’m between meals (I eat 5 a day) and I’m feeling hungry, I grab something very small with a few calories and munch on it. A good example would be a mini dark chocolate. Since dark chocolate is good for you in small doses, I’ll eat one or two of the mini ones which handles my sweet tooth, gives my body a few extra calories so it doesn’t get upset with me, and gives me the health
benefits of chocolate but without the bad stuff from eating too much of it.

There is nothing wrong with adding exercise to your diet program. Both are required for a healthy body. If you gain weight after you start exercising just take it as muscle gain and keep on going.

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  1. MishaNo Gravatar says:

    Rock that weight gain, Michael. Muscle continues to burn away the old fat long after you stop exercising. Just think of it as beauty weight, baby!

  2. love handlesNo Gravatar says:

    I have found mini carrots you buy in a bag at the supermarket to make great snacks during the day when you get hungry – at least it’s enough to help you through.

  3. SixPackerNo Gravatar says:

    Where is your problem?
    Weight gain does not necessarily mean fat gain. You obviously built some muscles. More muscles, more energy burnt, more fat loss.

  4. Hood WorkoutNo Gravatar says:

    I enjoy excersicing. I generally feel great after I get off the floor or catch my breath from running stairs. I personally hate eating, I always feel big after I eat.

    Eat small meals but don’t graze all day. Grazing not good.

    Also do not completely ignore the scale…

  5. Hey if you gain more muscle it’s just boosting your resting metabolism helping you loose weight faster when your not working out as well.

  6. EMR wireNo Gravatar says:

    Exercise makes u feel younger, active n fit. i feel more active when i exercise. i suggest u people to least do at-least 15 min of exercise everyday.

  7. Free WorkoutNo Gravatar says:

    Exercising will help you get firm. If you are only dieting, then you will lose weight, but won’t be able to get as firm

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