Experienced Guys Joining FMU

Well, they aren’t really little, but they are friends. As Fat Man Unleashed continues to grow I wanted to be able to offer different perspectives and views on weight loss and exercise matters. That being said, I invited some folks to post on FMU from time to time.

Both of these guys have years of weight lifting and exercising experience under their belts.

The first is IronGuru. He runs a bodybuilding forum over at An experienced bodybuilder with over 4 years of bodybuilding, diet, fat loss, nutrition, and supplement experience, he will be debunking myths and giving the real story on miracle supplements and workouts.


The second is Chris, he has his own informative fitness blog at He is 24 years old and resides in Calgary, Alberta. “I’ve been into this whole body building stuff since I was 19. I used to be overweight, but dropped the weight. I got really into it because I found the process so calculated and premeditated. It also taught me to be more goal oriented, which helped both in the gym and in my daily life.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

From time to time there may be more guest bloggers appearing as I try to make this blog more beneficial for myself and my readers. I learn from what these guys have to say too. I also learn and enjoy the many blogs I subscribe to and read daily. If you are interested in guest blogging on FMU, or would like me to guest post on your blog, shoot me a contact here.

Well, it’s Sunday and I have some football to watch. Go Giants!

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