Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Episode 2, Alex

Alex, Episode 2, Photo Courtesy of ABC

Alex, Episode 2, Photo Courtesy of ABC


Season 1 | Episode 2 | Aired 06/6/11

Meet Alex
Growing up on fast food Alex grew up as a fat kid. Chris faced a sad misfortune when he lost his mother to cancer. Now this 23 year old has more motivation to fulfill his mothers dream of him adapting a healthy lifestyle. Alex has a strong love for baseball, and he hopes to play when he loses the weight. Alex hopes that personal trainer Chris will help him reach this goal.

Alex weighs in at 459 pounds. Seeing his weight Alex realizes that it’s time to change, for good. He goes through a nutrition course and medical exam before his first workout. With his mom in mind Alex fights through his workouts!


His 90 day goal was to lose 100 pounds, he only fell 3 pounds short. But was still rewarded with a chance to meet the Atlanta Braves.

Phase 2: Lose 60 pounds.

Alex seems pretty optimistic about meeting his goal but grows a little annoyed with the process. At his 6 month goal Alex falls far from his 60 pound goal. So Personal Trainer Chris Powell handles that situation by enlisting Alex into 24 hours of Army Boot Camp.


Phase 3: Weight loss of 77 pounds and reaching his goal! Now off to the Skin Surgeon!

During the final weigh in Alex enters in all his glory with a 216 pound weight loss and a whole lot of bling. He fulfills his goal, his mothers dreams, and starts playing baseball.

In My Opinion
I really liked Alex. He really pushed hard going into phase 3 and I really admired it. I thought he had a huge transformation and was a kind soul. I think this should’ve been the first episode of the series. He looked really great walking into that final weighing in his purple shirt and vest, what a cutie pie.

What did you think of Alex’s episode?

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  1. Kii NaturalsNo Gravatar says:

    I love this show! No magic pills, no BS, just plain old hard work! eat well and workout! DOWN WITH DIETS!

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