Fat Man Down, Looking forward to Biggest Loser

Hurt My Ankle, No Weight Loss

Weight Scale 324 LbsAhhhh! I didn’t lose any weight. My initial reaction is to freak out, but considering what has transpired over the last week, I am fine with it. Last week I hurt my ankle slightly. I pulled a ligament in my ankle and had to sit out a few days. I could barely walk without feeling any pain. Then once that was semi healed, my knee began to bother me. I don’t know if it’s at all mental or if my body just needed a few days off. But I have noticed that whenever I go hard on the two a day workouts that my body begins to get aches and pains that I have only felt during my football playing days. That sucks because I feel derailed, although I think this week I will be able to get back on track. I gotta stay strong!

I plan to start off this week with one hard workout a day, supplemented with a light cardio session. I tried jumping rope the other day and it really kicked my butt. My arms couldn’t sustain the turning of the rope and I felt clumsy as I kept stumbling on the rope as I attempted to jump it. Jumping rope has always come easy to me, so seeing what the effects of massive weight gain can have on my body is disturbing and disheartening. We’ve also been planning on going to the park but it’s been raining every afternoon, which eliminates our family park time.


The Biggest Loser – Week 3

After week ones massive weight loss I wasn’t surprised to see many of the participants with lower weigh lost last week. I was shocked that the numbers were really low for some folks though. The Black team keeps kicking butt and I suspect that they won’t be letting up any time soon. Jillian seems to have some monkey on her back. I don’t know why. I really thought that the red team captain was going to be sent home, which would have been a bummer. I like the guy. Why? Because he is huge and an ex-football player. I have a soft spot for jocks. I am looking forward to tonight’s show. I think the black team will be losing someone this week. Let’s see if I am correct on my prediction.

That’s about all I have for now. This non weight loss has set me back on my competition with Jesse, but I think I can bounce back hardcore style next week for our weigh-in. Jesse, I am gonna win. So don’t even try!

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  1. krillzNo Gravatar says:

    You didn’t lose weight, don’t beat you up on that, you should not only rely on the scale, try body fat measurements etc. I mean you could have lost weight, but built up some muscle mass, thus not showing any result on the scale.

    Remember a scale is just a scale, doesn’t tell you so much.

  2. Dr MarcNo Gravatar says:

    give your body a rest. don’t risk injury. concentrate on your diet. this is where you’ll win the game.

    • krillzNo Gravatar says:

      diet is only one part of the puzzle, sorry but you can’t loose weight entirely on the diet, unless you starve yourself which is very bad.

      • Dr MarcNo Gravatar says:

        Diet is the most important part of the puzzle. As a rule you lose weight with your diet and keep it off with exercise. If you exercise without cutting back on calories, you will not lose weight. Exercise is however a strong predictor of long term weight loss. Both are important but their roles in weight loss are not the same.

        Watching the Biggest Loser, people think you have to work out like a maniac to lose weight. Makes for good tv, but that’s not where the game is won. It’s in the kitchen when the contestants prepare their meals.

  3. That stinks really bad as I have hurt my ankles many times and it seems that every time puts me farther and farther away from my fitness goals. Keep going as things will get better but in the mean time make nutrition very important.

  4. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    I have learned this the hard way. When my body aches, it needs rest. Simple as that. I am getting the eating in check , so I suspect the weight will begin to melt off.

    • krillzNo Gravatar says:

      I always take a pause of 1 to 2 weeks after every 6 weeks of training. The body needs a period to regenerate and build up, if you don’t rest you can burn out ( the lack of interest in training, muscle fatigue which often results in you injuring yourself) you get the picture.

  5. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    i would like to do that kirllz but i think i need to be consistent and not stop until i am in maintenance mode.

    • krillzNo Gravatar says:

      yeah I see where you coming from, I used to have the same problem some years back, I trained and as soon as I took a break that break become 2 months.

      But then last year I had a bad shoulder injury, have never been so scared as when I heard my muscle rip, sounded like you riped open a piece of fabric. That set me back 6 months before I could train normally again, so I’ve learnt the importance of resting the hard way.

      I also learnt that self discipline has a major role in achieving your goals. In the beginning I had to do some crazy things to not fall back on the couch, like letting my parents hold half of my income and if I didn’t go back to the gym after that week they shouldn’t give me the money. I bet you too could come up with something.

      Let say, You’ll pay some one in your community some $ if you fall back to the couch or something you get the picture.

  6. NormaNo Gravatar says:

    keep up with the work out. and definitely include your family.

  7. Keep it up Israel! If it makes you feel any better, I’m trying to lose 15 pounds right now, and I gain weight during some weeks! What makes the biggest difference to me is how I react during the bad weeks.

    I try to just get back on the train!

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Ironically I had a bad week last week, but am back on track now. Good luck with your 15 lbs. That reminds me of my wife. She wanted to drop 25 lbs and is off and on with it.But now she has a hang of it since I have been working to too. We motivate each other.

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