Fat Man Eating a Baby Carrot


It’s Sunday people! Eat your carrots! What do Sunday and carrots have in common? A fat man eating them on a Sunday of course. Duh! Okay, so I’m feeling a little silly. Check the video out. I really, really, really enjoyed eating that baby carrot. It was juicy. They all were.

Carrots make a great snack for when you are feeling hungry but it’s not quite time for a full meal. They also make a great addition to a meal.

Do you eat carrots?

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  1. nANo Gravatar says:

    well, i’ve never eatean carrot that way.. but I always add carrot in my soup… i can’t imagine how it’s gonna taste without cook at all…:))

  2. aRieNo Gravatar says:

    wow man…. you’re really doing great on your diet.. keep on struggling eating healthy food!!!

  3. Michael ZhaoNo Gravatar says:

    Indeed, carrots are good for you in terms of health. Since it was Sunday, after that carrot you’ve just consumed, you should have went to In-N-Out and got yourself a Triple-Triple Animal Style with 2 servings of fries, Animal Style, and a large chocolate milk shake! It’s Sunday man!

  4. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Poor baby carrot! but it’s for your own good.
    Make sure to wash it before eating or cooking.

  5. carrots are great source of potassium, vitamins and minerals, having the sweet taste too.

  6. GregNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t do carrots. I’ve never like the things. Even if you slather them in dressing. Don’t know why…

  7. What ever works too keep the pounds coming off the healthy way.

  8. AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    How could you? 😛 That poor baby carrot!

    Hey Israel, how are you keeping? It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me right?

    My wife, son and I are mad busy as we are planning to move to the UK in June.

    Well take care and keep munching those baby carrots!

    Take care,

  9. Hey Israel,

    How did the carrots go? I must say it is wonderful and refreshing to see a man post about his diet! Good on you.

    I agree that baby carrots, or carrots in general are great! I believe you should have a variety of veggies on your plate in all sorts of colors, PLUS orange vegetables are said to prevent tumors!

    Good luck with happiness and health,

    Eliza Kelly – Nutritionist

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