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A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop running/jogging for a while. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. One reason was because I was feeling sluggish on my runs. The second was because my left knee was feeling a bit out of whack. I thought that by taking the pressure and stress off of my knees that I could let them heal and be able to get back on track. No pun intended.

That was one of the best decisions I have made so far. During the time that I decided to stop running, I also decided to get on my recumbent bike for my cardio. I was pleased with the workouts I was getting from the bike. I thought it wouldn’t be as effective, but it was. My legs were constantly being tested, as well as my endurance.

Now fast forward to a few days ago. I lifted the treadmill jogging ban, but I still have a ban on jogging outside. I will wait until I drop 15 or more pounds first. I was on my cardio day and wanted to switch things up. So I decided to get on the treadmill. It was awesome. I was able to do some HIIT running. Something I was dreading. My initial goal was to jog for 5 minutes. I was hoping I could last that long, but wasn’t expecting to. Then 5 minutes became 10. Then 10 became 12. I was in the zone. After that I decided to do some interval sprints while I was at it. I finished up the 19 minutes of jogging/running with a 5 minute cool down walk.


I Was then able to run like that again the next day. Both times not feeling sluggish or any knee pains. Then yesterday topped it all off. I didn’t want to do HIIT and opted instead for some endurance running. I was able to stay on the treadmill for 30 solid minutes. 30 MINUTES!!! Can you imagine a 300 lb man running for 30 minutes at a fast pace? I don’t think so. I know in my heart that I could have lasted anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, but needed to stop because I had plans that I was already late for.

I wasn’t expecting to be at this level with my running until I dropped down to 274 lbs. That number reminds me of the last time that I was able to run with the intensity and ease that I have been running with the past few days. It feels great to be ahead of some of my goals and this just proves that all of my goals are attainable.

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  1. Damn good idea!

    people don’t take care of their knees.

    if I had to go back to school again, my first choice would be a
    finance degree but second would be orthopedics!

  2. sergeNo Gravatar says:

    I just found out that I have high Cholesterol. Its 230, not bad, but not good. So, I am going to cut my Starbucks (star-guts) habbit. What is your level, do you know?

    you still want help me with getting started with word press?

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      I dont even know my cholesterol or any of my health numbers. I need to schedule a physical soon. I sent you an email about the wordpress stuff a week ago.

  3. Hi Israel, sounds like you’re really improving and reaching your goals, and you’re doing the best thing you can do for your knees by getting the excess weight off. I haven’t been a runner since grade school…. I like paced/fast walking in my target heart rate zone (and I need my knees for skiing!) 😉

  4. ellipticalNo Gravatar says:

    You might also want to try an elliptical if you have/can afford one. They give you pretty much the same workout (although they dont allow you to max out your potential) while being low impact to protect your joints.

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