Fat People and Global Warming…Happy Earth Day

It appears that studies are saying fat people cause global warming or at the very least contribute towards it. Last year I wrote a comedic piece about that very topic. In it I mention a lot of the things that would appear to to contribute towards “Global Warming.”

It is important to note that I was not serious about it. I was just pointing out and exaggerating some points. It’s like saying that the reason that the sea level is rising is that fat Americans are pushing the continent down, making it appear as though the sea levels are rising around us. That’s absurd isn’t it? Well, that’s as absurd as some of the claims these new Global Warming studies are making.


I’m all for the Earth and greening things up, I really am. But when you start pulling things out of the air and claiming idiocies it gets to me. I can’t stand it when groups have agendas and try to force their agendas down your throat. I’m already fat, stop force-feeding me all this crap!

Go out and do your part for the Earth and the environment (or don’t), but let’s keep it in perspective. I linked to my fat people/global warming post from last year above. Give it a read if you want a quick laugh.

Here is another piece on Earth Day and how I think it’s a big waste of time. Sort of like only buying flowers and doing nice things for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day…what about the other 364 days of the year? Why not practice Earth Year?!

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  1. triciaNo Gravatar says:

    No dude, the sea levels are rising because all the fatties were out for a swim the day it was measured.

    Personally, I think that global warming is making me fat instead of the other way around. It’s far too hot to leave the apartment, especially to do something that will MAKE me sweat…like…exercise?! No thanks, Earth.

  2. AnthonyNo Gravatar says:

    I read the article that you are referring to earlier today, and I just about fell out of my char laughing. While some valid points are made, blaming it on the fat person is just plain crazy. How many people drive to where they are going? I know people that drive to a gym just to sit on an exercise bike or run on a treadmill. How many people drive 2 miles just to go to the convenience store? It’s all a bunch of global warming propaganda. It’s all about the power to control your life. In the 70’s these same environmentalists were saying that we were about to enter another Ice Age.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Anthony, good point. Tons of people, skinny and fat, drive everywhere. Especially in places like Florida where it is hot and where you need a vehicle to get places.

      • AnthonyNo Gravatar says:

        You don’t really need a car down here in Miami. But you do need some testicular fortitude to walk or ride your bike down here in Miami. Either the heat is going to get you or one of those drivers with the cellphone earrings will try to get you even if you are on the sidewalk.

        • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

          In Tampa you do. You barely see people walking here. It’s sad really.

        • AnthonyNo Gravatar says:

          Well, according to most people down here would say that you do. I’ve been riding around town, and it turns out that most of the time, you can get anywhere here faster on a bike during the day than in a car with all the traffic that goes on here.

          In reality, Florida really sucks for anything other than cars. It’s a combination of aggressive drivers and the car bias. Pedestrians, bicyclists, roller bladers, runners, we are all equal opportunity targets for the idiot drivers here. Reminds me of that old ‘Toxic Avenger; movie where they played the points for hitting people in a car game. If you’ve never seen it, then try to. It’s funny as hell.

  3. hey
    This post is really crazy and funny as well. I don’t think so that bulky people will add to global warming. Global warming is really a serious issue and must not be taken as granted under any conditions. Its an alarming threat that should be checked at any cause.

  4. akavarNo Gravatar says:

    how come no one ever talks about global cooling?!

  5. Why not practice Earth Year?, how many of us even make a single day as a year. It takes a lot to continue with our thinking and work towards the same motive. Hope at least one of us will do whole year for Earth.

  6. it makes me laugh when i read the first sentence, how can fat people cause global warming?but when i read the whole story, i realised that you’ve got the point.

  7. Save our earth from global warming!

  8. NickNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with you. earth year is what should happen. what is one day gonna do. people should be more conscious of the environment. and the fat people cause global warming was a really funny post.

  9. unparalled60No Gravatar says:

    Earth day is an interesting event with an empty road free from cars.

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