Fat, Sad, and Fake

I recall reading about some study done that said that fat people are more likely to “appear” cheery and upbeat, since they had to mask their true feelings of sadness, depression, and disappointment. At the time I thought of a close friend of mine which has been obese his whole life. This guy is the life of the party, the one to approach the girls, the one to always be happy.

But one day he broke down. We were hanging out, just me and him, and out of no where he started telling how he wasn’t happy with himself. I was shocked because he was always so upbeat. This guy would walk down the street and know everyone, and they knew him too. Hearing what he was telling me was quite shocking. He had contemplated committing suicide. I have never thought of committing suicide. It’s just not how I want to go.


After that day we became a lot closer and he became a lot happier with himself. Real happiness, not the fake happiness he used to exude. He began exercising and getting into shape too. He isn’t skinny, but he isn’t as obese anymore. He stopped using his fat as a crutch and more as fuel.

Anyway, the study went on to mention that one of the main factors for the depression in relation with fat is a chemical imbalance. I’m not a scientist but that sounds like it could be accurate. Just think of all the imbalanced health numbers overweight folks have. High blood pressure, high this, high that. It’s pretty scary. With that said, I do know some grumpy fat guys too.

I was one of those. I have never been a cheery type of guy, I’m more of a get “outta my face” guy. Anyway, that’s all for now. Have any of you heard about that study?

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  1. Early in my life I noticed that obese people tend to be more happier then regular crowd. I put some thought into it before and figured out it was because they didn’t have so much to lose as everyone else so they were more relaxed. I never even thought of what you described now.

    As Socrates said:”The only thing I know, is that I know nothing”.

  2. Haven’t heard of that study myself but can believe it…

    a Qs: The Jillian Michaels banner is that your aff link or did her team actually find your blog and get the ad spot?

  3. perrosNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting study there. I haven’t heard of this before, but it is one to think on. I think we can imagine just about any scenario going along with a certain type of person exhibiting traits of some kind. I have known some overweight people that manage to appear happy all the time, just as I have seen skinny people do the same. In the end, it is easy to fool others to think ur happy but actually being happy is a different story.

  4. xBrain®No Gravatar says:

    Wow, this is my first time here..
    Your blog looks great..

    Me too suffering from the obesity. From 68kg to 90kg within 2 years !! 🙁

  5. larry jamesNo Gravatar says:

    “Sometimes, the best way to hide the truth is to keep it in plain sight.”

  6. allieNo Gravatar says:

    Did you know that obesity in itself is NOT a risk factor for heart disease? I was shocked to find this out. My hubby just lost 50 lbs himself.
    IT’s a tough job.

  7. UK HDTVNo Gravatar says:

    I haven’t studied anything in this regard. Let me check with my best friend who has same obese problem. I doubt if he has been pretending the same

  8. PerrosNo Gravatar says:

    Healthy eating several times a day and sports.

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