Fatso Friday: Amy, You Are Not the Biggest Loser

Fatso Friday is my new weekly (on Friday’s) random lazy post. Each week I will make a lazy fatso post. It’s not lazy in the typical way of being lazy. I will still be writing the same amount, or more, as I usually do and I will also be putting the same effort into what ever I decide to post about. Sometimes I may find something cool around the internet and link to it. But, it’s lazy in the way of I won’t be sitting down and analyzing what to write about with regard to my weight loss journey until I am blue in the face. Instead, it’s more about other random stuff. I decided to call it fatso because I am a fatso. A lazy fatso.


Now on to this weeks Fatso Friday post. The winner this week is the dismissal of Amy from The Biggest Loser. I am so glad she is gone. She was a manipulative, cry baby, bi-polar, bitch. I don’t know if you noticed, but during the weigh-in, she only smiled when “B” had failed to lose a significant amount of weight and was therefore under the yellow line. Like, c’mon. That’s just evil. Then she has the nerve to bad mouth Isabeau and call her a back stabber. Ha, wasn’t Amy the one that turned her back on the red team and their trainer? Yeh, I thought so.

Anyway, I’m glad she is gone because every time I saw her I would get furious. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for her weight loss success. I just couldn’t stand her annoying attitude. Good riddance. She was damaging my view of the show.

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  1. I completely agree!!! She was such a complainer and turned her back on her own team. I too am glad she is gone!!

  2. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t like her much either and I am glad Isabeau voted the way she did. Getting on the show is a huge deal and not many people get that level of help losing weight.

    Watching them play the “game” is entertaining but also very frustrating. I hate seeing the whiners stay for another week while the hard workers to the boot.

    Why complain about how hard it is. That’s why you’re there, to be pushed.

  3. Agen IklanNo Gravatar says:

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  4. johnNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t like her either and I was sure she would be one of the “afters” where she had gained weight back at home but she looked great and sounded like a different person too. I was surprised and felt bad for being so wrong. Don’t forget these shows are heavily edited – they make us think what they want us to.

  5. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    I cant stand her. With the stupid blue contacts that caused her to squint A LOT! Like I said before, I am glad she lost the weight and hope she can maintain. She looks great, but even looking at her husband reaffirmed how i feel. He looked worn and sad, as if she tortured him.

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