Finally back…

I am finally back from being away for a week. What a week it was. I managed to do tons of walking while I was away from home. It was tough but I did manage to maintain my weight. I did a lot of sweating, the thermogenesis came in handy because it allowed for me to break a sweat with minimal activity, i.e. walking, push ups, reverse dips. Even showering was like a workout. I would rate my physical activity for the past week at a fair rating. My food consumption on the other hand was like a poor/fair. It started out fine, but then towards the end of the week I ran out of fruit and ate out a bit more. I did manage to have salads and chicken dishes, but I definitely deviated from my original plan to stick to tuna and fruit.

Now that I am back I can resume my workout and strict eating regimen. As I type this I am having some tuna right out of the can. Yep, boot camp style. It’s a life style I need to get used to for a few months. I know I can do it, I have done it before.

Something that I have noticed is that my sweat is smelling extremely funky. I know that sweat stinks, but my sweat has always been a normal kind of sweat. Lately my sweat has been smelling like damp clothes left wet over a few days. It’s funky. Lukas says that once my body is detoxified that the funk will go away, I sure hope so!

I finally have the pictures I had been wanting to upload last week. Here they are.

Back Yard


This is where I will be doing some cross training. In the back you can see the Torture Chamber aka The Shack.

The Torture Chamber

This is my workout shack. I have been known to almost pass out in there. Therefore, I will be working out with the doors open for the time being. Once I get used to the routine, I will be shutting the doors during my training. It becomes like a steam-less sauna in there. INSANE!

Lukas’ Contraption

This is a Nautilus station that Lukas gave me about 2 years ago. It’s been a while but I am slowly getting used to it again. It lets you do bench, tricep extensions, lat pull downs, squats, bicep curls, seated back rows, and anything else you can think of. Pretty damn good machine.

I am about to go lift some weights right now. Today is Monday so I will be doing chest and triceps. My weekly routine will consist of strength training 4 days a week and cardio training 6 to 7 days a week, twice a day. Its hardcore, but needed.

Off to get in shape. Peace.

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  1. Jason CarterNo Gravatar says:

    Keep up the good work.What you are working towards takes dedication that only the few have. Don’t stop.

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