Green Tea Is Nature’s Masterpiece

The building blocks of your success during weight loss will have to begin with a superior force of nature. First and foremost you will need the force of nature that is within yourself: your inner warrior or warrior princess. Second, you will need a sword. Just kidding. But why not have an awesome food source that fuels you, clears your mind, induces thermogenesis, gets you to use the bathroom more routinely, and is dirt cheap? Yes folks I am speaking of the undisputed king of foods, the amazing green tea.

Green tea is a catalyst in weight loss because simply put it ignites the furnace in your body. That furnace is called thermogenesis and is responsible for calorie burning. The bigger and more intense your thermogenic level the more calories you will burn. Individuals in optimum physical shape have extremely high thermogenic levels and burn calories 24 hours a day, even during sleep. That is what we want to harness people! We want to create an internal body wild-fire that will burn the fuel we ingest more effectively.

It doesn’t hurt that green tea also contains ultra powerful anti-oxidants. The roster of health optimizing components in green tea is quite impressive. L-Theanine has anti-stress benefits, EGCG is an anti-inflammatory, polyphenols aid in fat oxidization. Green tea has even been credited with warding off cancer, heart disease, and even arthritis. Every person alive should consume the stuff, especially those looking to reduce fat in the body.

So here’s the plan: start off with a cup in the morning right after breakfast. Hold off drinking before breakfast as the detoxifying nature of green tea can cause nausea in some individuals with weaker stomachs. I, on the other hand, can consume the magic potion on an empty stomach. Follow that with a cup prior and after lunch. Repeat the prior and after technique for dinner as well. That is a total of five cups a day. Stick to that amount for about six days and then add a cup a day thereafter. We are trying to initiate and attack your metabolism and program it to cleanse and burn fat.


Some people think that the right way to drink green tea is to squeeze lemon in it, doubling the tea’s effectiveness. If you feel the urge to spice up the flavor of the green tea please limit your options to half a teaspoon of honey. And under no circumstances should you use sugar or any poisons such as sugar substitutes, because REFINED, PROCESSED, OR LAB DESIGNED sugar equals FAT!

Are you ready to begin your journey warrior? If yes, begin it with a warrior drink. Let the wonders of the green tea leaf carry you through your weight loss endeavors. Just think that consumption of green tea will destroy free radicals in your body and also fill you up, thus limiting hunger urges. Another plus, green tea will significantly contribute with your daily water intake. Going hand in hand with that is green tea’s cleansing abilities. You will be using the bathroom in a healthy manner. That’s killing two chickens with one stone! So get brewing, get inspired, get drinking, and get healthy!

The Fat Man Green Tea Weight Loss Plan

First Six Days:One Cup After Breakfast
Two Cups for Lunch, Prior & After Technique
Two Cups for Dinner, Prior & After Technique
Thereafter Have a Cup Every Hour and Fifthteen Minutes

As you go along you can brew two bags per cup to maximize potency.

An Aside, because of normal everyday time constraints, you can brew a half gallon at a time and store in the fridge with lemons. This will allow you to bring your green tea to work. This is how I drink my green tea.

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  1. Tea BenefitsNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post. After I drank green tea, I feel better and better. It actually has lots of healthy benefits.

  2. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    I agree completely. Green Tea is great and definitely has lots of health benefits. Lots of great new products such as green tea and other nutritional products have been in China for centuries. It’s great our country has finally picked up on them.

  3. dianiNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, thanks for this nice post.
    I’ve heard many times about green tea benefits but never really made any ‘real action’ about it 🙂
    I should ask my wife to buy it next time she goes shopping.

  4. judithNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, green tea is great, very beneficial. I’m a firm believer in natural products and natural remedies. I’m not religous in anyway, but I do believe that ‘Mother Nature’ who or whatever that is, holds the answers to a lot of our health questions.

  5. We are drinking Chinese green tea very often in our family, like four or even five times a day and we totally excluded sugar from tea. It’s way good to go and everyone is felling much better already!

  6. Green TeaNo Gravatar says:

    I have been drinking green tea for about a month now. Not every day but most. I take a mug with me every morning to work. It is amazing how it controls my hunger and gives me energy. I also quit smoking about a month ago. I haven\’t felt this good in a long time. Could anyone tell me how much green tea I should drink? I only drink one cup a day.

  7. yes, green tea can lose your weight. it caused it can stabilish your body system. and it have high of antioxidant too.

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