Gym Stereotypes To Laugh At

I was forwarded the perfect video for this week’s Fatso Friday. I for one can’t stand those people at gyms that stick out like sore thumbs. It’s the main reason why I’m not a member at a gym anymore. You know you’ve seen them, they come in pretty distinct flavors. I recall this one guy from when I was a member at Bally’s Total Fitness. He was just plain sad and always looked like he was one rep away from pulling a muscle or permanently injuring himself.

Supplement company MRI Performance put together a funny gym stereotypes commercial (they missed a few, but it’s still funny) as part of the launch for their new fat loss product, MRI 8-FX.

Check it out below. For RSS subscribers, follow this link to watch the video.

Which stereotype are you?

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  1. One of my mates at the gym (well I used to worth with him) always seems to be training for a triathlon and on the brink of a heart attack. Funnily enough he’s always been single.

  2. Stron OneNo Gravatar says:

    I loved this article when I originally read it a while back. I borrowed the video for a blog post!

  3. AcompliaNo Gravatar says:

    Lol But i must say people have to start talking working out and other stuff seriously. Its fun to watch such silly ads but the real thing is waaaay different

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