Human Weapon is a Test of Inner Warriorness

Human Weapon on History ChannelA buddy put me on to a new show called Human Weapon. The premise of the show is two athletes fly around the world, learn the locations fighting style, and then compete against trained experts in the field. I must say it’s simply amazing. It’s like the best show ever. If I had to make a show it would be this. The inner toughness, as well as outer, that it takes to do what these guys do each week is just so underrated.


Teaching two guys a new fighting style and then testing them by making them fight against experts in the style is simply brilliant. I have it Tivo’d. The hosts of the show are Jason Chambers and Bill Duff. One is a professional mixed-martial-arts fighter and the other is an ex-Pro football player and wrestler. They are the opposite. One is small and fast while the other is big and strong. They both learn fast and have lost most of their showdowns, but give valiant efforts. I love learning about the different disciplines involved in Mauy Thai, Karate, Savate Street-fighting, and the other various fighting styles they learn each week.

I have actually retained some of the skills they mention and plan on using them when necessary. I will borrow from these two guys’ strength and weaknesses. People can learn that if you put your mind (and body) to it, you can do just about anything.

Catch Human Weapon Fridays at 10 PM Eastern on The History Channel.

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  1. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, I posted that article I was telling you about. Go to my blog and follow the link. Leave a comment if you can. I hope this helps- let me know either way.

  2. JaneNo Gravatar says:

    My husband is driving me nuts with this program, I swear you men all you have to see is some some one getting there behinds kicked and you love it.

    How about some Gone With The Wind



  3. HollyNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve never even heard of this show, and on that note, I’ve never heard of a lot of shows people have been blogging and telling me about lately. I guess that’s what you should expect when you only have 3 channels and don’t watch that much TV. It does sound like a cool show, though, I know my boyfriend would be very much into it.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Holly, I was in the same boat as you. A lot of folks are against TV, but I embrace it. It helps with my creativity (plus it gives me something to do when I am on the recumbent bike.)

  4. BeckNo Gravatar says:

    I love the show. I’ve been thinking about taking Tong Su Do again and it’s go me psyched!!

    Great post.

  5. leslieNo Gravatar says:

    You make the show sounds so interesting. Unfortunately, I don;t get this show in my country. Will try to look for it in net to download :p

  6. The clips are here!

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