I Almost Didn’t Workout but then…

I did. And loved every sweaty minute of it. I had been struggling with myself all day as to whether or not I was going to workout. I wanted to but something wasn’t letting me. Two days ago on Wednesday I had a pretty grueling workout, so I took yesterday off. I ate right and controlled my mouth, although my brain kept saying, “EAT. EAT. EAT.” It was pretty tough getting through that.

I kept thinking that I should just give up and stay fat. But then my inner warrior kicked in. I held off on the binging and made it through yesterday unscathed, calorie wise. Today was much of the same and since I hadn’t worked out in a day my brain started telling me to give up again. Until I finally got off my ass and went into my shack.

This is a result of that:

Sweaty and flexing after a hard workout session.


As you can see I had a pretty good workout. I feel awesome right now actually. I worked out my back and biceps, then hopped on the treadmill for some good old fashioned HIIT. Well, it wasn’t old fashioned. I switched it up a bit. I think that modifying workouts is something I tend to do. That way they fit within my limits. Nonetheless, I was feeling the pain, and goodness, of having worked out. Especially since I began the day not wanting to even think of fitness.

So, I almost didn’t exercise but I am sure glad I did. It feels that much more satisfying knowing that I beat the little demon in me that wants me to stay fat and unhealthy.

Damn. Now that I think of it, I know why I worked out. It was because of my wife. Wow. That’s like a revelation. She got home from work. Then she suggested we go to the movies. We watched some Popeye cartoons and took a little nap. At that point I only had 2 hours to get ready, workout, blog, and do my other online stuff. Without thinking, I prioritized by putting on my workout gear and going right into the shack. Cool.

Thanks honey!

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  1. Good job! It is always rewarding to have a good workout after you dread it all day.
    And see? It is just like I have been telling my husband, wives are good for something!

  2. SamanthaNo Gravatar says:

    Some great resources here, thankyou for sharing!

  3. Lady RoseNo Gravatar says:

    **waves pompoms** three cheers for getting sweaty! 🙂 I’m a slug a heart so I know it’s not always easy to get moving. You are an inspiration.

  4. DorisNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on working on your weightloss. I think it is something that people should embrace even if it isn’t for weightloss and just about getting healthier!

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      I agree, its not only about losing weight, its about health too. I have always been a healthy guy but i have always been big too. I just have way too much fat now so it hit me that I need to lose it.

  5. AmandaNo Gravatar says:

    It’s great that you have such a commitment to losing weight. I bet you feel a great deal better than you did, as well. Keep up the good work and you shall succeed, and it’s so great that you have your wife there to support you.

  6. DeeNo Gravatar says:

    I love your blog and want you to know I am behind you 100%.
    You can do it but don’t over do it. If my blog can help in anyway please look for motivational reasons only 😉 you have my permission.

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