I Eat Five Star Meals Five Times a Day from BistroMD

So it’s been a week since I got my package and I have to say I love the “Five Star Life.” These meals are so delicious and there is so much of it! I am not exaggerating! While eating some of the meals, I almost feel as if I am eating too much. Then I look at the nutrition facts, and none are more than 450 calories. They say I can add a salad to my meals but I find myself asking why?

Stuffed French Toast from BistroMD

Stuffed French Toast from BistroMD

For breakfast I had the “Stuffed French Toast” with mixed berries, two turkey sausage patties, and chopped up sweet potatoes. This meal is luscious, packed with nutrition and has a net weight of 12 ounces. Talk about a “Five Star Meal” this had to be one of the best tasting frozen foods I have ever eaten. I didn’t even add any syrup.


I had the “Steak House Wrap” for lunch today and it was slammin! I just added a little hot sauce and wrapped it back up. It reminded me of my favorite burrito from Chipotle Mexican Grill, that’s the place that makes those gourmet burritos and tacos. Anyway, before I could even finish my food I was full! I had to force myself to eat the rest, again, no exaggeration.

The founders of BistroMD have invented a new way of eating health food, and I must say I love them for it. So I want to thank Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.for creating the “Number One Physician Designed Chef Prepared Diet Meal Plan in the United States of America.” A name well deserved. I look forward to joining BistroMD in the fight against obesity.

Disclaimer: All products have been supplied by BistroMD. Views expressed here are my own. If you are interested in learning more about BistroMD, visit their website.

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Frank Cruz. I am a former fat man who’s almost completely unleashed. I had an appetite that could not be satisfied. Four years ago I stepped on the scale, and was blown away when I saw the shocking number: 298. On January 1st, 2009 I decided to make a real change and I mean, mind, body, and soul. From that day forth I was on a mission to lose this weight. Something switched deep in my subconscious; I saw myself like a new man. That’s when the real change began, when my mind and soul won the battle over my body. Today I invite you to join me on a mission to transform your lives. This is truly a difficult task, but one that can be accomplished. I know how to do this; I have the road map to success!! Come and join me, and you too can be UNLEASHED.

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  1. Mejia GomezNo Gravatar says:

    Is it really that good??

  2. Nelson DejesusNo Gravatar says:

    Man The pic of the breakfast does look real good.

  3. KookieNo Gravatar says:

    Hard to believe that your eating Five star meals. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

  4. RubiNo Gravatar says:

    I like the vid man! Real funny! You seem really excited. I guess i would to if Bistro MD sponsored me hahaha!!

  5. CW7No Gravatar says:

    Food looks good. I think I’ll give it a try. Hey if it worked for the Biggest losers its gotta give results.

  6. DemiNo Gravatar says:

    I tried BistroMD for a month, the food was great! Unfortunately I lost my job and could no longer afford it. I plan I starting again soon. I was looking up success stories from Bistro when I found this article. I will be keeping track of your progress. Great job!!

  7. AshleyNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like a good deal!!

  8. Erica M.No Gravatar says:

    By the way i like the video, very informative. I always wondered how they ship and package that stuff.

  9. JenaNo Gravatar says:

    Almost sounds to good to be true. But your not a man to lie, everyone knows that!!!

  10. GsantNo Gravatar says:

    I like what u doin man!!! Frank C. baby!!!

  11. DrodNo Gravatar says:

    Must be nice…

  12. It looks so good! As Jena said, it looks and sounds to good to be true!

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