I Think I’m in Love…

Wow. I just got my new rubber gym mats from Treadall and I am totally impressed. I was looking for a nice quality flooring that would be comfortable, functional and easy on the eyes, and I definitely found what I was looking for.

Take a look at the before pictures of our garage. Nothing special, right? We had all our equipment on the concrete which was not very functional. The barbells always rolled around, the free weights were always clanking onto the floor and it was always dusty and dirty. On top of that, when I wanted to jump rope or use the medicine ball for ab workouts, I had to leave the garage and go into the spare bedroom. No fun.

Now look at our garage now. The flooring from Treadall is down and looks great. Installation was extremely easy, but the mats are not light by any sense of the word. Laying the flooring was for sure a two man job. My husband did all the heavy lifting and helped when I could. Once you get the mats positioned where you want them, you simply fit the ends together like puzzle pieces. That’s pretty much it.


I noticed that after we got the flooring down, there was a lot of sand and leaves on top of the mats from us having our garage door open and moving the mats around. I wondered how cleaning the surface of the Treadall flooring would go, and I literally took a broom and swept the mess away. Love that! I can already see a huge cut back on dust and dirt in the area where the flooring was put down.

We chose the mats from Treadall in a teal color, which I really like. There are other color options available for you if you are looking for something other than teal.

As I said earlier, I am totally impressed with the final product of these mats. I wasn’t sure what I would be getting, but I could not have asked for a better material for our home gym. I highly recommend Treadall to anyone who is looking to purchase and install gym mats.

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Elizabeth Perez is a freelance writer and blogger living in the Tampa Bay area. She holds a bachelor’s degree is mass communications from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Currently, she works for a non-profit where she writes press releases and web content. Follow her blog and see recent work at her website,

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  1. Dave M.No Gravatar says:

    Nice cozy looking gym. No excuses to not make it to the gym now.

  2. Great equipment i can say 🙂 ….

  3. Their is nothing like a good home gym. That’s the reason I haven’t step one foot in a gym in years.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the great review! It looks like the mats were put together incorrectly however. Please give us a quick call at 1-800-720-6287 and I can quickly explain how to fix them.

    All the best to you and your readers in the new year! Stay fit & be healthy!


  5. AshleyNo Gravatar says:

    WOW your dumbles are cana rusty… but it sure looks like you have a nice home gym : )

  6. George ClarkNo Gravatar says:

    Great looking floor. I am constantly throwing around the idea of turning my garage into a home gym. If i can find a quality and affordable flooring option I just may do it.

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