I’m Tired

As I sit hear I can’t help but notice how tired I have been this week. I feel drained. It’s probably due to my new cardio exercise routine and my lack of sufficient sleep. Yep, that’s probably it. This weekend I’m going to attempt to recharge my battery with some much needed sleep and some extra sun.

That should do it! I feel great when I get sun and sleep, it feels even better when I do them simultaneously. Like at the beach last weekend. Darn, I’m yawning right now, so I think it’s bed time. For now, be safe folks and see ya around.

You can check out some of the blogs I read from around the blogosphere.


Or this crazy video I found, it’s pretty sad actually. I do hope she gets her life together.

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  1. Paris HiltonNo Gravatar says:

    Keep it up man, this is awesome!

    Oh and you’re a lucky SOB going to the beach in December. We just our 3rd snowstorm of the season a couple of days ago here … 🙁

  2. lack of sleep will do that to you.

  3. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    Good that you’re doing cardio! My goal now is to loose at least 4-5 lbs before the end of the month. Bye

  4. April BowlbyNo Gravatar says:

    A good restful sleep every night is an important part of being healthy. The cardio that you are preforming is great, but adding a good sleep routine in addition would be even better.

  5. GordonNo Gravatar says:

    Remember it’s not just how much sleep but also when your going to bed. Circadian rhythms are very important in overall health. Your physical repair is 10pm to 2am and your mental repair is 2am to 6am.

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