It’s Easy Not to Cheat When You’re Always Cheating

So I’ve been eating Nutrisystem food for a few weeks now. Another major thing I realized is how good it tastes!!! Forget about how I feel full through out the day and have no cravings. When it comes down to it, I have been overweight in life because I really, really enjoy eating delicious tasting food. Plain and simple. I love food.

When I’ve been on other diets I’ve felt restricted. Deprived. All or nothing style. That usually leads to failure for me because I feel like I can’t get any tasty in my body. So the minute I do get some Chicken Alfredo Pasta or some Chicken Tacos, I feel as if I’ve failed and that leads down a path of regret followed by more food. It spirals out of control until I’ve lost myself, regained all the weight I initially lost, and erased all of the healthy habits I picked up.


Nutrisystem’s food is delicious. Being a big guy, I did have to get used to the serving size, but that’s not that big a deal. Some of the dinners feel like too much at times, but they only contain 250 to 300 calories of well portioned protein, carbs and fats. So that’s a major plus. I eat the food and feel satisfied that I ate something that tastes delicious. I happen to love their soups! No need to cheat or feel deprived since I’m eating healthy food that tastes great all week. Plus on the Nutrisystem Men’s plan that I am on I get to eat a couple of snacks a day. Snacks range from bbq soy chips to cookies to brownies. So I’m pretty much “cheating” all day every day. lol.

Has any one else had a similar experience?

By the way, I’ll be posting my weight loss results to date while on Nutrisystem this week. The results look good…

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  1. Joel GrayNo Gravatar says:

    Oh man, you are totally right. It’s terrible when people cheat and then don’t even admit that they are cheating. What cheaters! I like your style. You should come check out my site.

  2. RoderickNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I believe the Nutrisystem works on you.. others may see different results.

    My “cheat day” is Sunday. I can eat whatever I want while feeling guilty. It helps me enjoy food without counting calories.

    I haven’t tried Nutrisystem. It might work for me too.

  3. Nelson DejesusNo Gravatar says:

    Comon now, that cheat cant feel like a real cheat, like yea maybe you ate pizza one day, but did it taste like papa johns, or microwaved?

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