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eboost-product-packageOne of the hardest things for me to do is muster up the energy to workout.

I am not a morning person so early morning workouts are not an option. I like sleeping too much to even consider the idea. I actually prefer to workout at night, but because the endorphins kick in and I get a big rush of energy, it keeps me up late and then I am even worse in the morning (yes, honey, it is possible for me to be an even worse morning person than I already am). The only option left is for me to workout after I get home from my job. And it ain’t easy.

Getting home from a stressful, eight hour workday and being motivated to workout is about as fun as going to the dentist. Sometimes getting over that hill of laziness and exhaustion is downright impossible. I usually rely on a hot cup of green tea to lift my level of energy, but as I live in Florida and it is summertime, I wanted something cold that could be made quickly. I began searching for something to give me that extra umph I needed to get me through my workouts.

I came across a fairly new product called EBOOST and decided I’d give it a try. EBOOST comes in small, individual packets that you add to water and drink. I sampled the pink lemonade flavor and was pleasantly surprised. It has a nice taste, and the effervescent crystals feel like they work the second they hit your taste buds. It was very easy to drink.

A few minutes went by and I noticed an increased energy level and was ready – almost excited – to workout. I was shocked. EBOOST even gave me the vigor I needed to get through the entire workout. Pretty good stuff.


Upon doing research of the ingredients, I did come across an issue with one of the listed products called 5-HTP. According to WebMD, it seems as though there may have been an issue with a contamination of 5-HTP which causes eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome, a very serious medical condition. Before I freaked out and called an ambulance, I researched further and found that chemical contamination from one single producer in the late 80s was the cause of the scare. Since then, there has not be one related medical problem for consumers of 5-HTP. And with its continued use and popularity, many people are using and researching the ingredient. Shwew. Instantly relieved.

Other ingredients for EBOOST include 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C (1,667 percent of your daily value), green tea extract, grape seed extract and various other vitamins. Serving suggestion is one packet in eight ounces of water every 12 hours or as needed. It states not to exceed more than four packets a day.

I will say that after my workout I did feel a bit of a crash, but nothing like what I feel after chugging an energy drink or even drinking a cup of coffee. And the crash may have been related to the hardcore workout I had just done.

Overall, I think EBOOST is a good way to give yourself an extra kick before a workout. For me, I don’t think it is something I would want to get into the habit of taking as an everyday supplement, as I prefer to get vitamins from a women’s multi and my energy from green tea. But this is definitely something I will keep in my pantry for those days when working out seems like it just won’t happen.

Special thanks to Savannah from EBOOST for answering a few questions for my review.

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