KAOS Komfort Kompression Shirts Review

KAOS Komfort Kompression Shirt Level 2 LS Top

I’ve been meaning to post this review for a few months now. I’ve been wearing athletic compression shirts since before Under Armour made it cool. I used to wear these Lycra material shirts that were originally designed to go out clubbing at night. They were tight fitting and made for muscle bound guys. One day during football practice in 40 degree weather I decided to wear one instead of a T-Shirt, since T-shirts would hold sweat and stink.

MSRP: $20, Comfortable, Flexible, Durable.

That was then, this is now. I’ve been through just about every type of compression shirt that’s made. I have several brands: Champion, Reebok, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and the list goes on. All are neatly folded in my clothes drawer, unused for many months. Why? Because of my KAOS Komfort Level 2 LS Top. That’s why!

This thing has got to be one of the most comfortable shirts, not just compression shirt, that I’ve worn in a long time. I’ve worn this thing for just about everything! And that is not an exaggeration. I’ve ran in my KAOS Komfort. I’ve done burpees. I’ve walked. I’ve lifted weights. I’ve just worn it to wear it. I’ve worn it to Wal-Mart. My KAOS has even been to play paintball with me. It’s truly a comfortable piece of clothing.


The type of KAOS I have is not the super type form fitting one, it’s a more loose fit. It’s extremely breathable. Ridiculously almost. It allows me to sweat as much as I want without overheating or feeling discomfort from a sweat-soaked shirt. There was one day when I wore my KAOS underneath a sweatshirt. I still felt comfort. When I received it I put it on right away and felt as if I was wearing some type of baby soft material. It’s almost unexplainable how it feels. It’s so soft and smooth that my 5 year old kid put it on and didn’t want to give it back because “it feels so comfy.” Her words, not mine. I’ve since washed the shirt several times and it continues to feel as smooth and comfortable as it did on day one.

One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t hold the funk. I purposely wore it for a week worth of workouts without washing it in-between sessions. Guess what? It didn’t get that sweat induced funk that other compression shirts are prone to getting after just one workout. That is a thumbs up for me. There is one thing that I found weird, but it’s nothing bad. When I first received the shirt, the new clothing smell it had was weird, nothing bad. Just weird. You can easily machine-wash it to get rid of the new shirt smell if it bothers you too much. I didn’t have to, since at the time I figured my sweat would stink up the shirt and mask the original weird scent. Which, as I described above, it didn’t.

The company was founded by former NFL wide receiver Bert Emanuel and his wife Teri. I think that his training experience lends itself very well to creating such a great product. I see this company as one of the top-tier compression clothing companies around. If they aren’t bought-out and absorbed by one of the other big name companies, I expect to see their name hit the mainstream soon.

You can pick up some KAOS Komfort Shirts ($20) at KAOS Komfort‘s website. Be sure to read more about their company too. Pretty interesting stuff.

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  1. robNo Gravatar says:

    i know what your saying about these shirts i train at the gym regular and ive tried all sots of diffrent clothing,i personally find that baggy loose fitting tops are best. i dont like the tight fitting garments. great post

  2. @ rob – I actually have a different preference for the type of workout that I do. For example, if I am doing an abdominal workout, I like to use body tight under-armor because it will stay where I want it to be during the exercises. When I workout my upper body, I would want to wear a sleeveless shirt to avoid unnecessary friction, and for my leg workouts I would just wear a regular shirt.

  3. Lisa WarrenNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel, Thanks for the review of the compression shirt. Hadn’t really considered these before now, always thought they’d be too hot for working out. Thanks. By the way congrats on your weight loss to date…keep it up. Lisa

  4. Nice review Israel, I too own a few of the different KAOS compression garments and although I do like the KAOS Komfort Level 2 LS Top you should also try out the KAOS Komfort Level 1 LS Top. They are slightly tighter than the Lvl2 but I find it just as comfortable and feel I recover better after workouts with it on.

  5. I always wear compression shirts for jogging in the fall and winter Would you be able to do a review of compression undergarments?

  6. impactNo Gravatar says:

    I like this Shirts…hmmm…

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