Lazy College Kid with No Workout Routine

I know this college kid that is extremely lazy when it comes to working out. He doesn’t do any kind of exercise and wishes that he was muscular and diesel. The guy can’t even do one push up! Don’t get me wrong, when I first started out I couldn’t do any push ups either. I couldn’t even hold my self in the up position of a push up. That’s how out of shape my body was. That was in 1995. Today I can do about 40 push ups in one set. The most push ups I have ever done in one set is about 72.

This kid, who we will call Platty Boy, once asked me to help him get in shape because he had no workout routine. I told him to adjust little things in his life so that the change can be gradual. I advised he do three sets of push ups, alternating days and to go for walks. I also told him to eat a bit healthier: fruits, more water, less bread, etc. The first week he did it he was excited, but then the excitement died out.


He wasn’t able to do any push ups and was very discouraged with that fact. I told him to start off my holding himself in the up position of a push up until failure, and to do that three to four times per day. That was to be his workout routine. The reasoning behind it was that he would eventually build up enough strength and muscle to start doing push ups. I think he only did it for a couple of days and then gave up.

Platty Boy isn’t extremely overweight, but he was noticeably out of shape. He was more like a skinny fat guy, something that I find really weird. A skinny dude with man boobs. LOL. If you’re fat, be fat. Not half fat. The funny thing about him is that he is really dedicated to his musical band and all that they do, but he can’t dedicate a few minutes a day for his own health.

Go figure. Platty Boy, if you’re reading this, I’m here for ya man!

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My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously. This site is my final attempt to get back into shape. So far I've lost 70.4 lbs. Check out my weight loss chart, weight loss videos and progress pics. Follow my journey, those of others, and read our thoughts on various health topics. Share your thoughts, experience, and journey here on FMU.

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  1. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    It’s hard to get started AND get past the first 2 weeks while keeping the motivation up.

    It’s like that in any kind of new things, it takes time to build an habit, any habit, and takes a very short time to destroy an habit.

    That’s why setting the mind first by establishing ARTICULATE short terms and medium terms goals is a must-do. And not only thinking about those goals, but actually writing them down and have them handy for whenever you want to remind them to you.

  2. I was once almost like that. I couldn’t do twenty pushups, which is what I wanted to do. I was able to do a few. I asked a friend for advice and he said do knee pushups (or girl pushups). That was all the motivation I needed, I started doing real pushups until I could do what I wanted to do…

  3. PeterNo Gravatar says:

    you should make it more fun. In combination with music or something! good tip

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