Lipton Bike Contest Winner Announced

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The winner of the Lipton Fuji Bike Contest is….


I will be in touch shortly. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy riding the bike around Fordham. Buy a strong lock and chain it up!

Here is her winning comment:


“I’m a college student, struggling with my weight, wallet, and lifestyle. While I’ve recently been making changes, exercising more, and eating healthier, it isn’t always easy when you are trying to go to class, keep a job, study, and get everything done – especially if you saw the cafeteria that we’re supposed to eat it. It’s terrible!

I’ve oft considered buying a bike, but with books as expensive as they are, there’s no way I can afford it. However, were I to, say, win a bike, I could ride it to work, thus saving money by not paying for public transit or gas, get a better workout, and continue to earn money.”

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  1. Michael KwanNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats to Gina. Sounds like she needs that bike!

  2. GinaNo Gravatar says:

    YES! You have no idea how excited I am. THANK YOU!

    • Tyler IngramNo Gravatar says:

      Wow Gina, that’s awesome!

      I’ve been thinking of purchasing a bike. I need to get more exercise since I joined my current employer I’ve gained an extremely unhealthy 40lbs! Running/Jogging was something I was looking into until I severed my Achilies Tendon. Though I still plan doing that. I just need the money to buy new running shoes. Though a bike would be more fun for me and I’d be more incline to get out and exercise.

      lol any more free bikes kicking around?

  3. Belated congrats. That’s a great bike. Put it to good use!! When’s the next bike contest?

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