Lipton Free Your Y Contest: Bike Giveaway

Update: Winner Announced for the Contest
Update: John from John Is Fit is holding the same bikecontest, here is your chance to win a bike if you didn’t win it here! I personally entered to win.

It’s one of those times when I get to give back to the readers. I love giving back to the readers. I was recently made aware of the new “Free Your Y” contest from Lipton. It’s basically a contest where you upload a 2 minute video to YouTube displaying your youthfulness. What’s in it for you? Well, if you are the lucky winner you get $25,000! There are also second and third place prizes of $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

Lipton, Free Your Y Contest

So what’s this “Free Your Y” slogan all about? They are promoting the fact that Lipton’s White Teas are made from young tea buds, plucked early in their life cycle. Free your Y = Youth. Get it? It’s all about tapping into their customer’s inner youthful spirit and highlighting those things they do every day to feel young. I find the new teas have a soft, smooth taste. My wife likes them too. I’m no expert though.


The official web site for the contest is at:

That contest officially starts April 15th. You can get the specifics by visiting the the link above. I may just submit my own video and try to win one of those prizes.

Fuji Bike Giveaway
Now for the juicy part: One lucky Fat Man Unleashed reader will win a free Lipton branded Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike*. That’s right. A freebie with no strings attached. All you need to do is leave a comment on how having a bike can change your life or on what you do to live a more youthful life. Or, just leave a thoughtful comment. Just make it meaningful. I will pick a winner on Friday, April 18th.

That’s about it. Make a video, potentially win $25,000. Leave a comment, potentially win a brand new, free bike. What do you have to lose?

* Lipton Legal Disclaimer: The Pepsi/Lipton Partnership will provide a check for $75.00 to be used for professional assembly of all Lipton Fuji bicycles awarded. Neither Pepsi Co. nor Unilever is liable for any injuries, damages or accidents that may result from the receipt, assembly or use of this bicycle.

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  1. Michael KwanNo Gravatar says:

    Part of the reason why people are not willing to give up their cars is because they think that the alternatives just aren’t as convenient. If you live a reasonable distance from work, it’s amazing how much you can benefit from biking to work instead. Save on gas, save on parking, skip rush hour traffic, and enjoy the health benefits to boot.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Indeed. When I lived in NYC, the train ride was about an hour or so long. I purchased a bike and rode all the way done from uptown to Manhattan. I saw things I had never seen in the city that I had lived all my life. The workout was tremendous. It was about a 2 hour bike ride, but it was well worth it. My butt was super sore though…

    • Michael KwanNo Gravatar says:

      I just noticed the note at the end of the post about assembly. I was wondering how they were going to ship the bike. 🙂

  2. JaximNo Gravatar says:

    It’s funny you said that you originally lived in NYC, because I currently live and work here. I currently use a kick scooter to get to work and to the food market, but a bike would be so much better and much, much faster. I could actually ride it in Central Park and take day trips downtown. With the possibility of the subway price getting yet another fare hike, getting around the city would be cheaper with a bike.

  3. KarloNo Gravatar says:

    Nice, thx for the info.

  4. GinaNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a college student, struggling with my weight, wallet, and lifestyle. While I’ve recently been making changes, excersizing more, and eating healthier, it isn’t always easy when you are trying to go to class, keep a job, study, and get everything done – especially if you saw the cafeteria that we’re supposed to eat it. It’s terrible!

    I’ve oft considered buying a bike, but with books as expensive as they are, there’s no way I can afford it. However, were I to, say, win a bike, I could ride it to work, thus saving money by not paying for public transit or gas, get a better workout, and continue to earn money.

    (Just as a side note, besides my pitch – I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, ever since I got serious about trying to lose the extra hundred pounds I’m carrying around, and it’s really inspirational. So thanks!)

  5. Blaine MooreNo Gravatar says:

    Bike commuting is great. I used to do it a lot more often when I only lived 5 or 6 miles from work, but after buying my house (13 miles from work) I never once got on my bike that first year. Last year I only bicycle commuted a few times. My goal is to get a lot more bike commuting in this year. Once I get past my next marathon on May 4 I’ll probably start watching the forecast and keeping an extra set of clothes at work.

    One of these days I’ll have to have my wife drop me off in the morning and then run home. It’s a pretty good net elevation gain as I move away from the ocean from work to home, but it makes for a good run.

  6. Matt JonesNo Gravatar says:

    My bike chain snapped off in the middle of the road and I never fixed it – the whole bike is so old I need a new one!

  7. StephanieNo Gravatar says:

    What a great way to celebrate spring and coming out of winter hibernation! Not only is biking a great way to get the whole family involved in a fun physical activity, but it’s a great way to reconnect with the great outdoors. What a treat and great incentive to get moving … Thanks!

  8. LisaNNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve wanted a bike for while now, but haven’t purchased one; maybe because fate waited for me to try to win one here…………..:)

    I bike would definitely change my life in three ways:

    1. I now work close enough that I could ride my bike to work.
    2. I live close enough to the beach to ride the bike path, with the Pacific Ocean at my side.
    3. For an older person, riding a bike is a great form of exercise, less stressful on the joints………….:)

    Thanks Israel for the chance to win.


  9. Peter DNo Gravatar says:

    I live in NYC and would like to ride in the Five Borough Bike Tour – a new bike would be just the ticket! Using it to go to the Green Markets would also help Free the Y.

    Good luck to all –

  10. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Free your Y, I get it.

  11. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t know when the deadline was today, but here’s my comment anyway!

    Riding a bike is an awesome way to stay active and feel youthful. To me, the sensation of riding is the closest I can come to flying, which is why children are so drawn to bikes. As adults, bikes can be a great way to stay in shape, but they are also a great way to reclaim that childhood feeling that if you just peddle hard enough, you might get off the ground.

  12. JulianneNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, i don’t know much about anything that goes on w/ lipton, but i can tell you that in two and a half years i’ve lost 60 pounds and about five pants sizes(16/17, to now a size 9/10)!! All by picking up skateboarding and not drinking anything but water, tea(sometimes), milk, and orange juice. Thats right NOOOOO soda for 2 years. Also, all this was done after having acl repacement surgery. I still have ideally 20 pounds to loose so i’ll be at a healthy 135 pounds!!!! Anyway i sent in one of my skating videos(i love skating i do it everyday possible, I’ve been skating for a year and a half) videos and i’m 18 years old

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Julianne, that is great. Congrats. Can you link me to the video you made? Shoot me an email via the contact form with the link. I would love to see it.

  13. prasun prakashNo Gravatar says:

    i have made a stunt on bike
    all the stunts that u see on tv i have made
    wheellie, stopie, burnout, darg burnout etc

  14. darnellNo Gravatar says:

    people tease me all the time about my weight so i am a lipton tea lover you guys are the best that bike would go right with what i am going thur ill show the bike off help me i really really need that bike 5999294

  15. Terry SchaefferNo Gravatar says:

    I found this exact bike on craigs list and was wondering if it would be a good bike for a 305 lb guy. Im trying to get back into shape and rented a trek hybrid bike from a local shop and want to get a new one. Someone is selling this bike for $440 on c.l. and they claim its brand new – Is it a good price and secondly will this bike hold my weight ok? Thanks.

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