Media, Society, and Female Body Image

Why is it that a majority of the females that are in the media are fit? This hardly represents the reality in society, but of course, this is what society is portraying to females everywhere. Of course there are negative and positive sides to this. It can motivate people to try to lose weight and become healthier or it can go negatively when it leads to a weight image obsession that leads to a low self esteem or eating disorders. In recent years there has been a big push towards positive body image reinforcement, but it hasn’t changed how  the media portrays women.

Those who think that the media’s image on fit bodies is completely negative and that we should love our body as is, have a good idea. Loosing weight, through eating healthier foods and exercising, is very positive for one’s health. Even changing one’s diet and daily routines, not necessarily loosing weight, will help females feel healthier and better inside.


The image of the female body has been idealized for years as skinny, fit, and toned. This can cause lots of low self esteem among females who do not have this specific body type. Negative body image and low self esteem can effect one’s contentment. There are those who take negative actions due to low self esteem, such as extreme dieting or not eating at all. This is not healthy as most know, but because they want to attain the ideal image portrayed by the media, they are motivated to continue their bad habits. It is also hard to escape because the media is everywhere we go, from the places we eat to our television sets at home.

Think twice when judging the media as negative or positive, as nothing is black and white. When it comes to the female body image portrayed by society and the media, having a healthier lifestyle is much more important than trying to obtain the perfect female body image through unhealthy means.

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  1. Dennis RosatoNo Gravatar says:

    uhmm, not sure I totally agree with this article. CASE IN POINT: ahem=OPRAH, Hillary Clinton, Anna Nicole Smith,…wait a minute I can only come up with three chubby chicks. Guess I do agree with your post…keep up the good work.

  2. Oprah made it because of her personality and figure and being an inspiration to all woman. Clinton is famous for being a high profile lawyer followed by the wife of a president and a candidate for the next election, she is highly intelligent and very driven. No need to talk about Ms. Smith as no one wants that road.

    Sure there will always be some that go against the grain (Queen Latifa etc.) but generally this article and human perception of what is nice and what isnt is spot on.

  3. Dennis RosatoNo Gravatar says:

    I saw Oprah without make up once and the night terrors still persist. But she is the wealthiest African American in history and woman for that matter…I think.
    What’s going on with Hillary’s hair? It’s so contrived, kinda stiff and preplanned…uhmmm like her! And she has huge thighs and calves. Bill Clinton likes them big I guess.
    Sy Sperling, you remember the Hair Club For Men’s President, actually dissects the presidential wannabes hair-dos, it’s a hoot!
    Anna Nicole Smith got scary thin with the help of that Trim Spa stuff…but I suspect Trim Spa and a combination of bad things. I pray for her and her child. Her passing was a tragedy.
    Queen Latifah is actually a good actor! She did a movie with Steve Martin in recent history…the sex scene, or “attempted” sex scene was off the charts.
    Thanks Mr. Klinkert for your feedback. Best wishes for the up coming season and year. Hope that greeting wasn’t politically incorrect by today’s ridiculous standards. Nevertheless take care and best wishes.

  4. Fat ManNo Gravatar says:

    Yeh, Oprah was a scary site. I saw a vid on her youtube channel and it was one horiffic clip after another.

  5. I have females who’re already at an ideal weight come to me asking how they can lose 10, 20 more pounds so they can be skinny like the girls on those magazine covers


    • Fat ManNo Gravatar says:

      I recall a few weeks back how a magazine cover took Amerika, or whatever her name is from Betty The Ugly on ABC and airbrushed her thin.

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