Michael Vick and The NFL Make Amends for the Love of Dogs

Let the Michael Vick sweepstakes begin! After serving his 23 month federal prison term for the killing and abuse of dogs the ultra athletic Vick will no doubt be selling his services to the highest bidder. Please contact all free spending NFL owners, i.e. Daniel Snyder Washington Redskin owner.

Michael Vick has served his time and National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell has weighed in following a meeting with Vick earlier this week. The commish is handing down a four or even six game suspension…ouch! Vick can participate in preseason games and practice during the four to six game regular season suspension. So who’s going to roll the dice on Mike Vick?

Al Davis and the Raiders perhaps? Vick would look sleek, stealthy and deadly in the Silver and Black. Vick was a “Raider” in high school when he played for Warwick High in Virginia. An option closer to home for Vick, a Virginia native (Newport News to be exact, Allen Iverson’s hometown as well) are the Carolina Panthers. Jake Delhomme’s sub par performance and injuries have sounded the alarms in Charlotte. A dark horse could be the Baltimore Ravens, even though Joe Flacco seems to be Mr. Franchise.


But ultimately my instincts tell me that the Washington Redskins might be courting Mike Vick harder than the rest of the possibilities. Jason Campbell is some what of an enigma to Redskin fans. Is he a star on the cusp or a bust with a few years of dust? Besides that Daniel Snyder truly likes to make a splash…he will be the modern day age Al Davis mark my words. Hey Vick would be the perfect edition to the freak show that is D.C., I am referring to the politicians. The Redskin’s headquarters and training facilities are at Redskin Park in Ashburn, Virginia, a town in Loudon County, not to far from Dulles International Airport. The location of the Redskins along with the team’s needs seem to combine to create a logical fit for Vick. Didn’t Washington D.C. former mayor Marion Barry get arrested recently for stalking a woman? Legendary material you simply can’t make this stuff up. Add on Washington’s politically incorrect mascot with the surefire ribbing that will come from the supporters of P.E.TA. and you have a witches brew for the Redskin front office.

The Redskin’s media department will have to answer to animal lovers worldwide as well. Could the bad press end the Redskin’s eight year NFL attendance record? The Redskin’s are the most profitable franchise in the NFL currently so do you really want to fool with that revenue stream with the signing of a dog-fighting felon? Daniel Snyder would. Hail to the Redskins my friends! Would it be insane if the NFL had a dog themed team…or mascot and Vick played for them. Imagine the dog pound in Cleveland…don’t know if Vick could be a Brown for that reason. Maybe Virginia Tech and the Hokies will take Mike Vick back…just a thought.

So let’s tackle the burning question every owner and fan has: can Michael Vick perform on the gridiron?

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  1. Nicole WNo Gravatar says:

    Does Michael Vick Deserve a second chance?
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  2. sports wagerNo Gravatar says:

    I think it’s great for Vick, can’t wait to see him play this season, it will be a great one for him. He already paid for his crimes.

  3. Scott MillerNo Gravatar says:

    I think the Redskins need to start donating some serious money to charities for dogs and animals generally if they are to get through the unfortunate media hype they are set to attract.
    But if they get on the front foot , state that Vick has done his time but they don’t respect of condone his actions in anyway, and for that reason, they are proud to sponsor “xyz dog charity”, then they are at least making an effort to control the potential damage to their brand.

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