Morning Routines

Blogging is definitely not the perfect ‘job’ when you are trying to watch your weight. My weight has gotten up to about a steady 215, but ideally 180 is my target. I’ve tried fasting, with the Master Cleanse Diet, however since then I’ve gained the weight back. I’ve also cut down drastically on soda and began drinking tons of water. However, it hasn’t been enough.

Morning Walks

The past few days I have started morning walks with my girlfriend and son (2 yrs old). Our method has been to get moving early (wake up earlier) and exercise.

We walk several blocks to the store and buy fruit each day. On the way home we all share it (or give little Matthew). It’s a way to get moving and to eat a healthy light breakfast. It doesn’t hurt to get the little guy up and moving as well.


Make it Work for You

Routine and consistency is the key for a workout like this. I have been trying to do everything else to be healthier, but walking and exercise was missing. I believe that it is my last key to begin losing weight again.

You have to make it work for you. We enjoy taking our son out for a walk. The healthy snack for breakfast is plus as well. Since I enjoy it, I am definitely more likely to continue this routine. It’s more an enjoying trip rather than a “workout”.

Not everyone has the luxury of doing this every morning. Be creative with physical activity. Maybe for lunch grab a quick filler and take a walk.

Most importantly, do what works best for you.

This post was guest blogged by Matthew Henrickson of Blog About your Blog.

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  1. ViralKingNo Gravatar says:

    So Matt,

    You don’t buy into the theory of a bigger breakfast and 4 smaller meals through-out the day? That is the route im going, trying to eat a decent breakfast that tides me over.

  2. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    Ive never really been into breakfast at all. I’m just not hungry in the morning like that

  3. Whether you’re into breakfast or not, a consistent routine is the key to boost your metabolism. It’s smarter to eat in the morning and after physical activity as your body will naturally process the food intake in smarter ways. Eating in the morning will also decrease your appetite later on, ensuring the food you eat is at the ideal time and in a correct balance with your metabolic needs. Balance, Consistency, and Timing are definitely huge in the fight against fat.

  4. MitchNo Gravatar says:


    You could try this, if your not hungry first thing in the morning like me I will exercise first then eat an ok sized breakfast, with just fruit or eggs. Eat organic unrefined Coconut Oil. Put a tablespoon in green tea, or Yerba Mata, once in the morning and at night. It helps speed up your metabolism and miraculous for health.

    Burn the fat feed the Muscle.

    Train on

  5. Mary HarperNo Gravatar says:

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  6. Gary DNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, excellent post and string of comments. I am definitely encouraged to start my own morning walk routine. I have borderline hypertension and know I have to get back to working out. Walking is a great start. Thanks!!

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