My Decision to be Unleashed

unleahsedI have struggled with my weight for a few years now. I have physical obstacles to overcome. Yet the hardest obstacle I have is mental. It’s on me to push past them or not. The yo-yo dieting is a mental thing. Like Frank C. has taught me, don’t let the diets work me but I should work the diet.


I don’t go running after the next fad diet, I never have. I try to eat right with the knowledge given me. However I find myself slipping back to bad habits sometimes and I’ll stay there for a while. I find my emotions play a big part in my eating habits. Many of us eat emotionally. We will binge if we get depressed or stop eating all together. What I go through isn’t binging or deprivation. I go to old comforts. My portions are the same, but with bad choices instead of good ones.

My shoulders get weighed down with stresses of personal issues. They build up until I give up the good things that I am doing and revert back to “comforts” that I am used to. This past weekend spent with the Fat Man Unleashed crew helped motivate me. I had an epiphany. Friends and Family should be my “Comfort” in these times of emotional distress, not my choices of foods.

Eating right is still a CHOICE. Exercising is still a CHOICE. Armed with the knowledge and support that I have I am ready to let go. I give it all to God and use the help of my friends and family to get through. I CHOOSE to be UNLEASHED!

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After coming home from the Marine Corps with fractures in both hips, I eventually gained about 100 pounds. I obviously was not able to workout the way I wanted to nor did I have the motivation to. Three years later I was finally tired of being overweight but still not able to lose the weight.That's when I met Frank C. and the Fat Man Unleashed team. They gave me the motivation I needed to push through. I have lost about 30 pounds in total so far and I am well on my way to being unleashed!

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  1. JessicaNo Gravatar says:

    I have always been an emotional eater so this article speaks to me alot. When I fall back into an emotional eating pattern I notice that I siclude myself from the world. I spend a lot of time at home and in solitude. In reading this article I have noticed this about myself and I am going to make an effort to change. Whenever I find myself falling back into emotional eating I am going to go out of my way to reach out to my friends and fam to find the support that I need. I’d like to see how this will make a difference for me.

  2. ElenaNo Gravatar says:

    I try to eat right and I have some results. But I can’t do my daily exercises, I always find something else to do.

    • MatthewNo Gravatar says:

      Eating right is definately the most important thing. However exercise helps with more than just weight loss, it provides energy, mental clarity and good overall health. It boils down to how bad do you want it. I have lived by the philosophy that “I can’t” means “I won’t”, it is only ourselves that give limits.

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