My Underwear Cuts into My Fat

This has been happening to me for as long as I could remember. The elastic waste band of my boxer briefs cuts into the fat around my waist. And I hate it. It hurts and is irritating. Is it me or is it the underwear that I buy? Even some loose fitting boxers tend to eventually cut into my fat.

It reminds me of how the elastic upper parts of socks leave deep grooves on your lower legs at the end of the day. It makes me want to go commando. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that so I must suffer. Stupid reasons like this are what make me want to lose weight. It would make my life that much more pleasing to live.


There are times when I have to massage my waist so that the indentation and pain can go away. I am constantly adjusting my underwear so that there isn’t too much pressure put on one spot for too long. There was a period of about a year where I was wearing boxers and the boxers would cut into the fat around my waist and the fat of my thighs. Ugh. That was a pain. I don’t know how overweight women deal with bra straps cutting into their shoulder and back fat. I would not wear bras if I was a big woman. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

I don’t really know where I am going with this, but I had to get it off my chest. I know a lot of folks go through this and don’t say anything. Well, there it is. I hate how the elastic band of my underwear cuts into the fat around my waist. I said it.

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  1. krillzNo Gravatar says:

    you wear underwear? haha just kidding, buy a bigger size then so they don’t cut and not the one pair fits 20 sizes.

  2. JanBNo Gravatar says:

    One exciting point for me in my weight loss was getting to the point where I could wear underwear underneath on my actual hips and not all the way up to the navel. I still have a lot to lose, but I don’t have to worry about someone seeing my panties in the hamper and thinking they are a parachute. Now I wear string bikini panties and I just LOVE it.

  3. Damn this bra…why did you have to remind me! I suppose my suggestion of over sized granny panties wouldn’t work for you?

  4. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    Well bras and panties dont fit into my lifestyle choice, but thanks for stopping by. lol.

  5. Wearing pantyhose is something I find very uncomfortable. Not only do you have to deal with trying to find a pair that actually fits, you have to deal with the roll-downs below the waist.

  6. mousearooNo Gravatar says:

    after losing a bucket load of weight, i still get it. I’m supposedly in a normal range and have a healthy BMI NOW but still get DEEP elastic marks from socks and underwear and i’m even wearing a size bigger than I should!

    I think it’s a conspiracy.

    • DeMerchantNo Gravatar says:

      Ha ha yes defiantly a conspiracy from the guys in the black helicopters… but also good motivation to drop weight… you can do it!

    • krillzNo Gravatar says:

      Seriously what type of elastic straps do you guys have in the US?
      Sound like the one size fits all, hmm a very strange problem indeed, I just experience those problems when buying the cheap one, with normal boxers I have never had that problem.

      Ow, and another problem, silk boxers, I hate them, after a while they tend to move to one side and stuck, getting really tight, so you have all the fabric on one side and you package hanging out on the other side and it hurts! or they move way up and it feels like you have someone doing a wedgie on you.
      Those evil silk boxers should be banned, I already burnt my ๐Ÿ˜›

      • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

        LMAO! What was so funny and so true man. I hate silk boxers. I have some good quality underwear, not sure what is happening. I think it is because I am overweight to be honest.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      DAMN THEM!!! Those elastic thingy manufacturers are out to get us all. BMI is a load of bull.

  7. If you are looking for socks that don’t cut into your legs try socks that don’t have much elastic in them. They are categorized as Diabetic Socks but anyone who has circulation or elastic issues should try them out.

    Best Regards!

  8. John K.No Gravatar says:

    Used to happen to me ALL the time. Now that I’ve lost weight I have a different problem, none of my clothes fit.

  9. kisanNo Gravatar says:

    my waist size is 33 and i am presently using underware size of 90cm ma waist has turned black also get cuts on my waist and crotum and i also feel uncomfortable while wareing underware. 0plz let me knw my exact underware size..

  10. O2smedia.comNo Gravatar says:

    what about when it folds over 2x..aghhhh hate that!

  11. That’s an instant motivator!
    I used to have that like crazy when I was in 3rd-6th grade…It didn’t go away until the 7th grade when I started working out every night and had a massive growth spurt; what a relief! You’ll get there!

  12. VivienneNo Gravatar says:

    Man, you are hilarious! I love your writing. I found your blog through EntreCard. This post has me facing the fact that I’m about 10 pounds away from painful underwear myself. Congrats on your weight loss thus far. It’s on my New Year resolution list…again.

  13. DonNo Gravatar says:

    I have this problem too. I also have an annoying issue, where the elastic waste band folds over because of the size of my stomach. It really sucks, being fat, especially for a 14 year old, who HAS to take showers in gym class. I’m starting to lose some weight though, and it’s making me happy.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      That does sound bad. Focus on getting healthy and you should not have that issue eventually.

      • RobinNo Gravatar says:

        hey there…!I can relate to your problem…I suggest a simple solution which will reduce the problem. Just fold in the elastic band of your underwear that is-the band lies above the fabric of your underwear & your skin gets to touch the main fabric & not the ealstic band….Believe me its quite effective

  14. Quote : “This has been happening to me for as long as I could remember. The elastic waste band of my boxer briefs cuts into the fat around my waist. And I hate it.” Damn man u are funny …… Tho I have same problem so ………..

  15. For me fat or thin it doesn’t meter. Underwear must be comfortable.

  16. santhoshNo Gravatar says:

    my hip is 36 what size of underwear can i suggest to fit

  17. Hey! I love to wear sexy underwear! It enhances how I feel about myself and really turns up the heat. I donโ€™t wear it all the time, but I have the whole she-bang (literally!) garter belts, seamed stockings, heels. BTW-my partner wears boxer briefs (I love it!)

  18. SnaxNo Gravatar says:

    Look up “wet japanese naked festival” on youtube. Underwear like that is wide around the waist so it doesn’t dig in, doesn’t rely on digging in to stay up. Instead it wraps around a wider part of the body and the thong part hangs from that. American underwear is fine if you’re in shape and you have hips, but the fatter you get the more those hips are replaced with rolls of flab. To keep you pants from sliding you have to crush the flab with a belt and create a dent. It looks to me like the Japanese underwear does away with the need for that. Suspenders with loose fitting underwear would accomplish the same thing. The advantage of the thong style is that there is less material to bunch up and get twisted. The disadvantage of the Japanese underwear is that it’s tedious to put it on and take off, but that could be fixed with suspender type clips.

  19. AlanNo Gravatar says:

    If your overweight Hanes are the only underware that I have found that look good and feel good, I wear a 2x boxer Brief and they fit and feel good, try that as a suggestion and also no rolling on the band..

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