Not Working Out is Getting to Me

Not being able to work out due to my surgery is starting to get to me. I feel a lot better than I did a few days ago and feel like I could indeed start some moderate exercise. I just want to get on my recumbent bike and give it a go, regardless of what I was told to do. I wasn’t even given the green light on walking for exercise. Can you believe that?


As if walking is a bad thing. My follow-up appointment is this coming Wednesday and I sure do hope that Doctor AJ has some good news for me. I at least hope that he says I could go for walks, that would make me feel better. A lot better actually. I am starting to feel like a slob and it doesn’t feel good. I know that this hiatus is a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I was supposed to enter into a challenge with a couple of my readers, but that has had to be put on hold as well. When will the pain stop?! WHEN?!

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  1. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    I know how you’re feeling man. I just caught up with your site (haven’t read my feeds for over a week) and I can sort-of empathize. While my surgery wasn’t as serious as yours, I recently broke my hand and had to have surgery last week. I have a few more weeks of recovery myself and all I want to do is get back to the gym.

    I feel for ya, man!

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar says:

    And you got banned on John Cow dot com but I guess you were being a little rude. Or was it perhaps that you were in a bad mood?

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Michael, the the cow thing was blown out of proportion. I am flattered that he felt he needed to dedicate an entire post to me, but it simple wasn’t that serious. My comments were made in jest, not with hate or malice. Why would I hate they guy? I bought advertising from him for goodness sake?

      I do think that cows posts lately (the last few weeks) have been declining in quality and have made my opinion aware to a few folks.

      • I was noticing the hate, will have to see why the ban occured, I am sure it was good for traffic though. 😉

        On the topic at hand though, just eat good and wait. Easier said then done. Do like I do, watch Survivor and realize that if you don’t eat you will lose weight (jk).

        • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

          Traffic is traffic, those who take the time to read my blog and actually think for themselves will see that he blew it way out of proportion. It was all in jest. I havent checked the stats to see if i got any heavy traffic, but I dont really care that much.

  3. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t worry Israel, take your time to recover. You will have plenty of time to exercise in a few weeks.

    As for the challange, let us know when your back to 100% and we start it up then.

    Good Luck and rest up.

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