Nutrisystem Feels Like Cheating

I’ve been eating the Nutrisystem food for a bit now and I must say it tastes a lot better than I expected. One of the things that bothers me, but I guess it’s something I need to deal with, is that the food makes me feel as if I’m cheating. Why, you ask?

Well, the foods I’m eating are very similar to everyday foods I eat when I’m not “taking care” of myself. Cookies, brownies, pastas, hot dogs, and the list goes on. Keep in mind though, that the calories and breakdown are significantly lower with Nutrisystem foods, than with the regular equivalents of those very same foods. So that’s a plus. It’s also well planned and takes the Glycemic Index into account. You also have to incorporate fuits, veggies, and some other healthier alternatives.


Basically, it’s not just eating 3 Nutrisystem meal packs a day and that’s all. You’d be starving if you did that since most of their foods do not contain more than 300 calories, sometimes no more than 200 calories a pop. They encourage, rather demand, that you eat other foods in combination with their own.

I’m getting used to it, so I think I’ll be fine.

I still can’t help feel like that granola bar I just ate or that chocolate chip walnut cookie I’m going to eat for desert is bad for me. 🙂

Disclaimer: All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem Blogger 15 program. Views expressed here are my own.

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  1. James MannNo Gravatar says:

    I kind of wondered how one would live on the Nutrisystem alone but it sound like it can get you on the right track.

    I think I would break down what’s in the packages and then I would try to duplicate them for myself.

    I have been walking for heart health but also to try and drop off this extra 20 pounds I have carrying around for far too long.

    Keep up the good work and you will get to your ideal weight loss goals.

    I grew up eating bread to fill me up, even as a kid. I ate so much that I was allowed to keep a loaf of bread beside my chair at home.

    Well I carried that into adulthood and kept eating bread. Pretty much one bite of bread with every fork full of food.

    Just two weeks ago I stopped eating bread with my meals and only have bread now when we have soup and a sandwich for lunch on Sundays.

    I have lost 3 pounds, which doesn’t sound like much but I haven’t changed anything else, just the bread and I only want to drop 20 pounds so a couple of months like this and I will be at my weight loss goal.

  2. Mejia GomezNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds better than having one cheat meal a week!! HAHAHAH yea you cheat everyday!!!! lol

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