Do I Really Need A Digital Pedometer?

Pedometers are meant to assist you with calculating the number of steps you take. Some digital pedometers are more advanced than others. There are some that only count steps and some that count steps, heart rate, calories, etc. I have been contemplating purchasing a Omron Digital Pedometer for quite some time. The last time I owned one was a few years ago, but I barely used it. It was of the cheap variety. It only counted my steps, nothing else.

Back in New York I was a lot more active throughout the day. My day consisted of walking everywhere I had to go, which is a healthy habit. But here in Florida, everything is far which requires that you drive. If I want to buy a gallon of milk, I need to hop in the car. If I need to buy some protein, I need to hop in the car. Catch my drift? The number of steps I take each day has dramatically decreased because of this.


I am interested in learning how many steps I take each day as I go through my normal, everyday activities. I haven’t done much research into purchasing a digital pedometer yet though. Mostly because I am trying to win one from John. John is giving away an Omron Digital Pedometer over at John is Fit. I wouldn’t mind winning that one. It’s a top of the line digital pedometer and it would save me a few bucks.

So, do I need a digital pedometer? I would say yes. John, I hope you’re reading this…Poppa needs a new Omron Digital Pedometer.

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  1. Debo HoboNo Gravatar says:

    OMG! Can I please have a do over. I was distracted when I wrote the previous comment. Pleeeaasee:)…..

    Great post! I have just recently started using a pedometer and I love it, it only counts my step but it also has an fm radio for entertainment while I am out on my walks. Since using it I have discovered that I wasn’t doing nearly enough walking throughout the day. The current goal is 10k steps per day. In order to achieve that I have to go out walking after work as well. Whelp good luck I hope you win.

  2. Post On FireNo Gravatar says:

    I remember I got one from McDonald some times ago… when they were promoting more healthier food…

    It was a small digital one…it works great for stairs…
    But it was actually good because anything that let you busy with something will make you forget that you actually working out..

  3. I’ve had one before, but to be honest it’s much easier to just walk a specific distance each day. I started walking 12 blocks per day – so it didn’t make a difference whether I had the pedometer or not!

  4. Well, you can just drive around your walking path once and see the distance. Thats what I used to do 😉

    Also, I got this mobile phone which has in-built step counter so it works well for me.

  5. If you just want to find out how many steps you do in one days regular activity, it is probably not worth spending the money to buy one. Got any friends you could borrow one from for a day??

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