Perfect Passing and Tough Defense

It’s Sunday. You know what Sunday means right? NFL football!

What’s up with Tom Brady beasting and throwing 5 TD passes and almost 300 yards? IN THE FIRST HALF! I hope they keep him in for most of the second half so that he can set some more records. I never thought that he would be doing things like this. I knew that he was capable of playing some high caliber football (he already won 3 Superbowls), but I just always saw him as an efficient, game managing, pass a little and run the ball, do what you need to do to win kind of guy. I never saw him as a Peyton Manning type of guy. Barring any horrific injuries I think the New England Patriots are going undefeated for the year.


Oh, and my New York Giants are winning again. Woohoo! Go Eli, Go Eli. I love it when Eli Manning manages the game and doesn’t try to do anything spectacular. This year he has matured. Finally. All the Giants need to do is play some tough defense and run the ball. Then run play action so that Eli can pass the ball to Plaxico Burress. Speaking of passing, I think that they need to get Jeremy Shockey a lot more involved in the passing game. He has only one touchdown reception this year. That’s really insane for a guy of his caliber. He is a great blocker and all, but the guy can kill you with his receiving game. Throw him the ball dammit!

Wow, I just saw Shockey score, thats his second of the year! Sweet, thank you football gods. Thank you very much.

I can’t wait to see what Adrian Peterson does against the Dallas Cowboys. They guy is the leading candidate for rookie of the year in my opinion. Calvin Johnson is doing okay receiving with the Detroit Lions (he just scored a TD catch as I was writing this), but he hasn’t done the kind of spectacular things like Peterson has with the Minnesota Vikings.

Anyway, enough of my football rant. Time to finish watching the games.

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  1. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Your Giants beat my 9er’s today. Congrats, It’s going to be another rough year!

    Brady is a good QB (record setting 6 TD passes today and ridicules 27 on the year, crazy) but I think it’s really all about the receivers.

    On the other hand Manning just seems to control a game, receivers, backs hell even the kicker.

    Nov 5th will be a great match-up.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Thats what I meant about Brady, to me he used to just control his offense and do his part, but now with these receivers he got have Manning numbers. It just goes to show that if Brady had receivers like Manning has had all these years he would have won more superbowls and broken more records.

  2. It is going to be exiting for sure.

  3. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been so busy lately with my Ph.D. program I don’t even get to watch football- much less play fantasy football.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      haha, loser. just kidding. i love football. but i tried fantasy football last year and it wasnt for me. whoever picked brady this year is surely winning.

  4. sergeNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, just curious, what software is that you use for your blog. I almost bought the domain name ‘howIlostMyGut’ (how I lost my gut), I was going to do a blog about…do I need to say. Anyways, my wife reminded me that I have a gut and I haven’t lost it. Ahh, wifes, gotta love them. But my idea was one like yours, chronicle my gut loss, blog about it and have pics and stuff. It would be mainly an acccountablility thing, not about making money, just about losing my gut. maybe someone will read this and want to do it.

  5. LeGoNo Gravatar says:

    Shockey is fun to watch…

  6. biofuelsNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t know but the Lions are just not as fun to watch since Barry Sanders retired.

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