Review: The Biggest Loser Club

The Biggest Loser ClubThis site is a one stop shop for viewers at home who want to experience NBC’s hit shows benefits. The web site is complete with a free profile which calculates your personal BMI (body mass index), a nice touch to assess and set your goal. To reap the full benefit you have to make a monetary commitment of less than five dollars a week, as per the site.

The program definitely seems beneficial to those seeking weight loss. With tools such as interaction with The Biggest Loser experts, as well as Contestants, and meal plans featuring the food that helped the contestants lose weight and eat healthier. Also, actual shopping lists and recipes are at your disposal.

On the physical side of things the site provides a customized workout program. Detailed demonstrations show you how to perform the exercise properly and effectively. On top of all that the site encourages your involvement on message boards where questions can be asked and answered. Secrets and tips are advertised as being available on the message boards. The goal is motivation and active participation. It is also hinted that Bob Harper himself is reachable through this forum. I wish Jillian Michaels of the black team was reachable! Wait, she is! On her own site:


And if that wasn’t enough folks a “Personal Progress Journal” is an added feature that allows for the sharing of experiences between fellow club members, actual Contestants, and even Trainers.

Hey guys check out what I found on the site, enjoy:

The 10-Day Risk-Free Trial allows you to try the program for yourself at no cost now. If you decide to cancel before your trial period ends, just log-in, call the toll-free customer service number listed within the “My Account” section of the site and your credit card will not be charged.”

To further inspire your change an email newsletter with new tips geared to your success will grace your inbox. The newsletter even boasts a chance to attend the Biggest Loser Season finale.

All this sounds awesome and should be an enjoyable way to lose the fat.

To learn more and/or join, visit The Biggest Loser Club website.

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  1. I really think that I should let you know that there is a way I have been sharing with my friends to drop pounds every week. I think that many people get caught up with the wrong things when they approach weight loss. Most of it is mental. Honestly. The other small fraction are choosing the right actions that will get the quickest results. I hope you all are successful with all you try.

    Work Hard,
    Ahmad Baari, C.P.T.

  2. lovesportNo Gravatar says:

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  3. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Ahmad. Care to share the love?

  4. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    thanks for stopping by. I will check your site out.

  5. StedmanNo Gravatar says:

    hey there, I didn’t know where to contact you but your web design layout was off on firefox and IE. Anyways, did you see this weeks episode?

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