Seeing the Doc for a Follow Up Appointment

Tomorrow is my appendix surgery follow up with Doctor AJ. I am so eager to see what he thinks about my recovery. I feel like I am healthy enough to resume exercise and hope that he feels the same way. I can’t wait to just get it over with. Besides not being able to workout, it’s the main thing that’s been on my mind lately.


I am constantly reminded of it by the scars and patches on my stomach. The incision near my belly button is healing really well, I think the stitches are completely closed up. The other two incisions are still hidden under some dressings, so I can’t tell if they are closed up or not. I don’t feel any pain at all, which must be a good sign. Right? I feel a tiny bit of soreness in one of the incisions, but it could also be the dressing that is pulling my skin. Not sure. I will know once the doctor removes both dressings.

My daughter seems to like my wounds, a lot. She has been playing doctor and rubs my belly to make me feel better. It works too! She says, “Daddy, lemme see your booboo. I fix it.”

Who needs Doctor AJ when I got my baby girl?

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  1. Wow, not feeling pain already? I was cut open and that’s way worse when it comes to pain and healing time. I couldn’t move without enormous pain for 10 to 12 days. And it took me full month to not feel pain at all.

    Plus I didn’t have a baby girl to fix it for me 🙂

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